The world's most active cryptocurrency exchange for trading bitcoin and altcoins has made an announcement that you can ‘get early access to the Binance Info App!'

This is a chance to take part in the closed Beta group of the new Binance Info App that is geared towards the passionate development of crypto-related projects. They are asking those interested via twitter if you want to help contribute to the #BinanceInfo app before it launches then join the extremely exclusive group of limited beta testers starting right now.

The Binance tweet will send you to a google doc form that is titled”Binance Info Beta-test Invitation” and discusses the mobile smartphone app version of its crypto market-watching technology called “Binance Info”.

They will be accepting limited applications for the testing group for the beta version of the Binance Info smartphone app. They do ask some rather revealing questions depending on how detailed you want to get, by wanting to know your name, profession, telegram username (phone), cryptocurrency beginnings, and how much of their native Binance Coin (BNB) do you currently hold.

The BNB coin has been one of the best performing coins of the year despite a market cap that grew to beyond $820 Billion and is now sitting at near $250 Billion levels just six months later. The coin is currently sitting at #15 on the charts but just $1 billion away from moving into a top 10 coin in the world.  It is priced at $14.14 and will continue to be of use due to its benefits of using Binance's trading platform with fees and voting purposes.

We will have more information on Binance's new mobile phone app as details are released. For now, we suggest if you are interested to follow up with them and see what one of the top four biggest cryptocurrency-related companies and businesses in the world is up to with the new Binance Info app.


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