Binance Launchpad Getting Ready for Perlin's PERL Token Sale

Binance Launchpad Getting Ready for Perlin’s PERL Token Sale

The pace at which Binance Launchpad, a token launch platform that exclusively targets transformative projects, is accepting projects is heartwarming. Binance, the digital asset exchange end of the platform has already revealed their eighth project.

According to a tweet posted on the crypto exchange’s official outlet, Perlin (PERL) is the next in line to grace Binance Launchpad. The tweet revealed that Perlin Network token sale would be a culmination of Perlin securing lucrative partnerships with notable organizations, including the Singaporean government.

Eligibility Depends Upon one’s BNB tokens one holds

The way Binance Launchpad will conduct the token sale is interesting, though. The whole procedure will assume a lottery and airdrop format where the number of lottery tickets one stands to get will be determined by a person’s average BNB held in one’s account a day.

Eligibility will depend on a person’s daily average balance, which essentially has to surpass a daily limit of 50 BNB. This automatically means 500 BNB will be enough for a person to claim a maximum of 10 tickets in the lottery.

To confirm eligibility, however, the exchange will from August 9 record daily BNB balance of the traders. The process will take 15 days and upon August 23 when recording ends, they will have created a list of eligible participants.

Getting into the lottery draw is a matter of luck and chance. As such, those who probably won’t make it to the list of lottery winners, they’ll share the airdropped tokens. They will share from the airdropped pool of 3,874,500 PERL tokens worth roughly 300,000 USD.

Sharing will, however, happen after the main lottery draw. Already, investors have been exhibiting lots of love towards Binance Coin.

Demand for BNB Is Already Growing

Being a PoS-powered smart contracts platform, Perlin has a throughput of over 31,000 TPS. The platform’s native PERL token first shot into prominence, riding on the fame brought about by IEOs.

Binance Coin has, meanwhile, been witnessing greater demand. Data from Coin360 reveal that BNB is now among the hotly sough-after, rivaling Bitcoin which is recording an upward trend having survived a fakeout.