Binance and NEO led an investment round in which Republic, an equity crowdfunding platform, raised $12 million. As per the claims made, the funds will be used for a token presale.

The CEO of Republic, Kendrick Nguyen sat down with CoinDesk to discuss their goals and the necessary actions that have been achieved thus fur. He highlighted the fact that investors, regardless of income levels, should be able to invest in startups that interest them. Here are his exact words:

“Essentially it’s us going IPO without going IPO. We will be doing a combination of Reg D, Reg S and Reg A+ to make sure our tokens are widely available, irrespective of income or net worth in the US and beyond… anyone anywhere can and should invest in startups.”

According to Nguyen, the reason for Republic is to “democratize investing and level out the fundraising landscape for founders and investors alike.” He served as the former legal counsel at AngelList, which was how and where Republic stemmed from.

Now, the company is “SEC-registered, FINRA-licensed.” Republic is supposedly not alone on this one, as it works together with “trusted online startup ecosystems in the world,” like that of AngelList, Product Hunt and CoinList.

It is evident that Republic is a project that represents what blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies stand for. They appear to be working towards maximizing the notion of a decentralized system by opening their platforms to many more consumers than anyone has ever done so far.

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