Trust Wallet Has Just Added Support For Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash And Bitcoin

The long wait that Android users have endured is finally over, as Bitcoin BTC will be joining the Trust Wallet as from today. A wallet that has been able to support various coins on both the iOS and the Android devices. With this move it has made up for the long wait for the Android users, the engineers of the company went ahead to cook up something a little extra to make the platform be a bit exciting for the users.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) And Litecoin (LTC) Will Be Made Available To All Users

It is exciting news for all the users on the platform as these are three new coins that have joined the platform.

Once you have gone ahead to update your wallet to the latest version that has been made available you will be able to get access to the new assets quickly, all you will need to do is tap on the plus sign that is on the upper right corner of your phone. After this, you will also need to tap on the slide bar that is next to Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin (BTC).

Once all this is done your new Litecoin and Bitcoin Wallet will immediately be native SegWit compatible. What all this means is that you will be able to receive, send to and also from any of the ltc1 which is Litecoin and bc1 Bitcoin with the bech32 address.

The company has made the SegWit be a mandatory feature for all their users; they have gone ahead to fully embrace the new standards when Litecoin and Bitcoins are being transacted. The Trust Wallet has always been pushing itself to the edge of the innovations taking place especially when there are new features and the usability.

It is the reason behind the company’s aim in making sure that it continually integrates the best features available in the market for each crypto asset that is supported in the platform. All this being done while still ensuring that the users get the most convenient together with a user-friendly crypto wallet you can find in the market for your mobile phone.

A New Wallet For All Your Crypto Needs

Trust Wallet has made sure that it is more than just a simple app for the Ethereum and the ERC20 wallet. The company was established a year ago, and ever since Trust has been able to drastically grow and be able to support more than ten native blockchains, this is including the company’s native token.

When looking at Ethereum, it has more than160k native tokens which are actually all supported on the Trust platform. Not forgetting, it is the only wallet that has been able to offer its users DApp support for use in POA, Ethereum Classic and Ethereum.

The company hopes for the trust wallet to be the one-stop solution that will be able to interact with the decentralized world. Thus, they plan on adding more features and coins that will be able to enable their different users to quickly embrace a seamless experience; this is by having all the collectibles, tokens and DApps in one place.

It Is Definitely Going To Be An Exciting Week Ahead

The company will not stop here after this announcement, ensure you stay tuned for more exciting features and news this week. The company has a list of items for their loyal users, some of the things you should expect to see is additional coins, more competitions and features and some out of this world design tweaks to look forward to.

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