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Binance’s Trust Wallet Is Released For macOS, Support For Windows and Linux To Come Soon

The official wallet of Binance, the Trust Wallet, has been recently released for macOS desktop devices. The company has also promised that Windows and Linux users will also get support soon.

Trust Wallet is compatible with basically all tokens listed on the Binance platform and more. It is fully compatible with over 20,000 ETH-based tokens and over 30 cryptos which have their own chains such as Bitcoin (BTC).

The company was initially acquired by Binance back in July 2018 and its team has been absorbed into the company. The CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, has affirmed that this was one of the best available wallets in the market, which is what prompted the company to acquire it.

Last month, the wallet has announced a new feature that will let the users trade tokens directly on the decentralized version of Binance, Binance DEX. In order to do it, the traders would need to synchronize their wallets. With the emergence of these new desktop wallets, the process is certainly getting much easier to do.

Trust Wallet’s founder Viktor Radchenko has recently affirmed that several crypto traders use desktop apps (mostly Windows), so the launch will help the company to reach this audience. The launch for Windows is expected to happen during the next few weeks.

However, no official dates were announced, meaning that the product will probably be out when it’s done.



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