Today we’ll talk about a fascinating software which is having an Initial Coin Offering soon: BiNeuro. This company is a Google partner and has been developing solutions to be used in neuro ads by using the blockchain technology.

Created by UTC World Corporation, BiNeuro is a new ecosystem developed for neuro ads. This is an AI system built by using machine learning, big data, genetic algorithms and singular spectrum analysis. Basically, if you want the short version: BiNeuro makes ads more effective.

It might not look like such a great description when you summarize it, but BiNeuro can make companies save lots of money by having campaigns that simply work better.

The software already exists but it is using the funds raised from the ICO to upgrade its systems and launch a new web version of BiNeuro that could be used by smaller advertising agencies. By using smart contracts and key analytical data verified by the blockchain, BiNeuro can make ads effectively better.

How Does BiNeuro Work?

BiNeuro uses AI to learn and become “smarter” with every Internet advertising campaign that it launches. The company states that, while humans cannot make much more than 100 advertising campaigns in a single year, BiNeuro has done over 80,000 campaigns in Google since 2009, which could be like 800 years of human experience.

The software is able to take into account 1,000 different parameters for small customers and up to 300,000 for large companies, reacting 24/7 to new changes. Even an expert cannot deal with more than 40 parameters at once.

This provides maximum efficiency, which can be useful for the companies which are paying for the ads and even for professionals that charge per view, increasing the effectivity of the campaigns in at least 50% in 87% of the cases.

Who Can Use BiNeuro?

While this could be used by companies who are trying to promote themselves, the companies itself are not the target of the company, but small to medium-sized advertising agencies, freelancers and creatives studios are.

These agencies have high costs because they need many professionals to make a large campaign and they are very expensive and have to work many hours. Because of this, independent professionals or small companies simply cannot compete with big agencies but using BiNeuro they can.

By using this software they can effectively reduce the costs by a lot because they will need fewer professionals and will have more control over the ad campaign. In fact, the company expects to have more than 340,000 agencies and 12 million freelancers using its services in the future.

Whether you work with ads, SEO, social networks or influence marketing, this company can certainly be useful for you.

BiNeuro Token Sale

BiNeuro is currently planning an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to fund the development of its blockchain, so it’s the best chance to invest in the company. The project is already happening and the success of the ICO will only affect the speed of the changes, not the project itself, though.

The tokens are ERC20-based and you can buy them each for 0.0001 ETH. However, there are certain discounts. The sale will happen from March 27 to June 4 and each week the discounts, which will begin at 20%, will be lowered by 2% until it reaches 0% in the last week.

Another way to get discounts is by buying in bulk:

  • 5-15 ETH: 2% discount;
  • 15-30 ETH: 5% discount;
  • 30-50 ETH: 8% discount;
  • 50+ ETH: 10% discount.

BiNeuro ICO Token Detail

  • Token Symbol: BNR
  • Token Sale Starts: Marzo 27, 2018
  • Token Sale Ends: June 4, 2018
  • Token Price: 5 – 50 ETH, 1 BNR = 0.0001 ETH
  • Total Supply: 850 Million BNR
  • Token Standard: ERC 20
  • Hard Cap:47 Million ETH

The BiNeuro Verdict

If a company has a partnership with Google, you know that you have to take it seriously. At the moment not many people use BiNeuro but everything leads us to believe that this number might increase a lot in the near future.

Artificial intelligence is being widely used in recent times and its effects are generating tremendous gains for many companies. Even if the expectations of the company of working with 340,000 agencies and 12 million freelancers are wrong and they achieve only 50% of this goal, buying the tokens will still be an excellent and profitable idea.

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