Binex is said to be the only cryptocurrency exchange that shares as much as 70% of trade commissions with token holders and with the exchange platform you can earn money in a multitude of ways.

How BINEX.TRADE Cryptocurrency Coin Exchange Works

Binex Trade is a cryptocurrency exchange that enables users the ability to trade a multitude of different currencies, and it is all done against the USDT, BTC and homegrown or native token the BEX. It’s a unique platform that because the platform shares 70% of the commissions earned on the trading pairs with the owners of the tokens, and that the redistribution is performed on a daily basis.

The economics of the token are simple. BEX is based on an ERC20 Standard Token that gives the owner the 70% trade fee collected by the Binex.Trade exchange platform. And, after a total of 21 million BEX where created, 1 million of them were distributed among the founders and advisers. The rest are ready to be given to participants willing to invest into the platform.

There are a couple ways to make money with the platform, the first of which is the margin trading. And this opens a gateway designed for lenders and traders who want to get the maximum number of trading processes at one time. It also gives users the chance to leverage their investments 2-3 times higher than typically seen on other platforms. And the lending amount is split up in two ways, either the borrower gets the amount needed or the system takes out funds needed for the transfer. And, it is decided by which way is the most efficient one for the user.

That is just one example of the different types of trading that occurs on the platform. There is also multi-pair currency trading and tight security on the platform. Binex.Trade is said to be the best platform on the market and you can see the company roadmap on the website at Binex.Trade.


You can count on the platform launching in 89 days from now, so there is still some time to invest. When you buy 1 BEX, the company token it equals 1 USD. And you can pre-register right now to earn 5 BEX. So far 573,480 tokens have been distributed among participants in 745. The BEX sale progress is also available on the company website and you can see the stats on the homepage.

There have been 21,000,000 BEX created, and the crowdsale target is only 20,000,000 and there have been 573,480 BEX sold as of now. To get in on the company platform, you have to contribute a minimum of 100 BEX and can only contribute a maximum of 1,000 BEX. The company accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. And the token price is a fixed and stable 1USD.

Who Is Behind BINEX.TRADE?

The team behind the platform consists of five different people, each with verified LinkedIn accounts and other social media profiles. As far as the Binex website goes, they don’t have much in the way of bios – just the pics and different social media links, which is generally good enough for a venture of this nature. And that is especially true when the social media links are real, as they are here on Binex.Trade.

BINEX.TRADE Conclusion

You can buy Binex right now on the website, and you can research more about the team as well. The platform is pretty standard, and if you want to learn if it’s right or you – head to Binex.Trade and see for yourself what the platform is all about.

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