The BioCoin ICO is currently underway. You can participate in the ICO to support a local farmer. Find out how the ICO works today in our review.

What Is BioCoin?

BioCoin is an international blockchain platform that hosts the BIO cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency is designed as a system of mutual settlements. By raising funds through the ICO, the developers hope to accelerate growth for all businesses that have joined the platform.

The goal of BioCoin is to support and develop local communities, farmers, producers, and sellers in the “pure natural products” industry. By buying BioCoins, you can support a local farmer.

BioCoin wallets are available to download online today from the official website at Wallets are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Who’s Behind BioCoin?

BioCoin was created by the farm cooperative LavkaLavka, which has existed since 2009.

LavkaLavka consists of more than 200 small family farms and ecological product producers.

Other major businesses that are already working with the BioCoins platform include UAZ, a Russian manufacturer of off-road vehicles, Double B, an international coffee shop network based in Russia, and Mark and Lev, a farmer’s cooperative consisting of 15 farms in Russia.

Key members of the project team include Boris Akimov, Alexander Mikhailov, Vasily Palshin, and Artem Kalinin.

How Does BioCoin Work?

BioCoin is used as a digital currency for businesses in the natural products world. Farmers receive BioCoins in exchange for their products, and then they can use them to purchase any required equipment – like livestock feeds, fertilizers, and crop-protecting agents. Meanwhile, customers can use BioCoins to buy goods and services in shops, farmer’s markets, and cafes, where they can purchase furniture, clothes, and food.

The currency is designed as a loyalty program. You can use the digital currency as a signal of your support for local communities and local farmers. It’s built to be a sign of loyalty.

The BioCoin ICO

The BioCoin ICO is ongoing throughout September and October. During the pre-sale phase, you can buy 50 BioCoins for $1 USD. When the general ICO begins, that rate will rise to 35 BioCoins to $1 USD.

You can buy tokens using BTC, ETH, SIB, credit cards, a Telegram bot, or the Bitcoin Shop.

There’s an initial emission of one billion BioCoins. The total supply can increase by a maximum of 5% per year.

The ICO first began on August 31, 2017 (the first round of the pre-sale). It lasts until November 9, 2017.

BioCoin Conclusion

BioCoins are a digital currency introduced by a farming cooperative in Russia. The coins are designed to lie at the center of a natural products ecosystem, where farmers and customers buy and sell goods and services using BioCoin tokens.

You can participate in the ICO today by visiting

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