With the cryptocurrency fever gripping the world, blockchain-based technologies are becoming more viable options for the real world. However, the force behind these crypto venture ids the wave of accelerators and incubators. While they do tend to cover for funding, others are now focusing on providing for services. With the assumption that we should expect an exchange of cryptocurrency, these incubators will offer resources to help companies in need of help in incorporating blockchain technology. Predictably, the ultimate goal is to help nurture blockchain startups and companies and ultimately build up the adoption of cryptocurrency among the blockchain-incubated companies. Here's an overview of one such venture with plans of global expansion programs for blockading incubation.

What Is Bionic?

Bionic is a blockchain-based incubator platform for companies looking to improvise blockchain technology for new and innovative services and applications for their customers. The company works to provide expert advice, tech workspaces, and experienced workforce to help connect promising startups to service providers, investors, and advisors. In essence, Bionic delivers firms with a team of professionals who assist the company in gaining a foothold in the blockchain world.

The platform's primary facilitator will be the Bionic cryptocurrency or BINC. They will function to enable companies and their respective parties to have secure electronic financial transactions. The transactions will help people shop electronically on their devices and through software using the BINC protocol.

How Will Bionic Smart Cryptocurrency Coin Investing Work

The BIONIC platform will work as a distributed application ( DApp). That means the structure is decentralized giving power to the users. The adoption of blockchain also says there is little to worry regarding stability, security or the eligibility.

Both parties only have to register with the community-based system and seek the services they want. The decentralized infrastructure allows for users to control the market for services as there is no third-party interference.

What You Can Gain From Investing in Bionic

  • Immutability- no transaction or information is inaccessible from access by the user. That means all the details are in control of no central entity.
  • Durability- the decentralized nature of blockchain allow the platform to withstand malicious attacks due to resistant to failure.
  • Security- the BIONIC protocol is an apparent scam fee system based on the Private Instant Verified transaction. Unlike for other cryptos, BINC will have an anonymous PIV allowing users to hide their details during transactions.
  • Stability- the control in the supply of the tokens will allow for a more stable price for the BINC token and thus protecting the investors and platform's interest.
  • No counterparty risks- with no kind of mediation or oversight, only two parties are essential to the exchange making the process more convenient

Bionic BNC Token ICO Details

Bionic will be holding and ICO for their BNC token on 04/24/18. You can invest in the token using Ethereum.

How Viable Is Bionic's Plan for Dominance

The whole BIONIC project lacks the enthusiasm to showcase any signs of blockchain success. Additionally, judging from the overview, there isn't much optimizing that could form BIONIC. While it may seem an unfair judgment, I do not see the apparent goal of what the platform intends to do or how they plan on achieving their goals.

As a final remark, it is always wise to identify the potential of a crypto project to avoid potential risk factors. In Bionic several downsides come with investing. And with regards to the risk, it would be safe to not think of putting your finances.

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