Bioritmai RITM ICO Review

Choosing to get into the cryptocurrency world is usually motivated by the idea of investing and trading currency. However, the everyday consumer does not usually have these priorities in mind at the time.

Instead, they want to find a way to invest in something tangible, but most cryptocurrencies with this idea in mind are meant to make direct purchases. The Bioritmai platform focuses on bringing consumers access, rather than just profit.

What is Bioritmai?

Bioritmai defines itself as a “system for body condition monitoring.” Essentially, the company revolves around the use of a tracking bracelet to collect data about the user, helping to detect or prevent the onset of different circulatory diseases. The initial reason that they include the cryptocurrency at all is because the investments of interested consumers will help them to fund the project. The whole plan is a lot like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, but with cryptocurrency instead.

The difference between Bioritmai and a crowdfunding campaign is that the tokens invested can also be used towards other types of cryptocurrency transactions. These tokens can be converted with the Bitcoin or Ethereum platforms, though no buyout is being planned for the brand at this time.

By the end of the second quarter in 2019, this company should have already:

  • Created a project team (Q3 2017)
  • Drafted and finalized the whitepaper (Q3 2017)
  • Started and completed the crowdfunding campaign (Q2 2018)
  • Created the product (Q3 2018)
  • Tested and debugged the prototype for the product (Q4 2018)
  • Performed AI training with the prototype (Q2 2019)

About the Bioritmai RITM Token and the Sale

The RITM token is equivalent to a single dollar, which makes the conversion rate easy to understand. If traded for Ethereum tokens instead, the investor will receive a 55% bonus on the transaction. The sale is going on until mid-day on February 13th, though it already began on the 30th of January.

There is a hard cap of 1,379,000, which is only a fraction of the total amount of tokens available.

The Biorhythm Bracelet From Bioritmai

The Biorhythm bracelet is a new device that keeps track of all the standard biomarkers in the human body. Consumers buy this bracelet from the website directly, though it is not yet available for consumers to purchase, according to the whitepaper.

Once the bracelet is available, it should have a display that demonstrates the different details that it is tracking. The only way to access the online shop for the bracelet is to buy the license, which can be purchased with the tokens. All the details will be monitored in the corresponding app, showing the reading from the user’s pulse, body temperature, blood pressure, and various other details.

With one charge, the user can keep the bracelet active for up to 7 days. To refill the internal battery, consumers will need to connect the device to the computer. To keep consumers from having a bad reaction to the material, everything is made with hypoallergenic supplies.

Contacting Bioritmai

Most consumers want the chance to get to know more information about the Bioritmai campaign. However, the website only provided links to the company’s social media accounts. The easiest way to reach out to them is to tag the company on Twitter, due to Facebook’s recent regulations against ICOs on their website.

There is no direct phone number or email address.

Bioritmai RITM ICO Summary

Bioritmai is less about cryptocurrency as a whole, and more about the ways that consumers can invest to get exclusive access to their product. The bracelet is likely to help a lot of consumers that struggle with their heart health, or that have an active lifestyle that they want to track. Regardless of the reason for the investment, consumers should keep in mind that the tokens can be traded across the most popular platforms in the crypto economy.

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