Biotechnology Research and Development Limited – shortened to “Biostry” – is a high-yield investment program (HYIP) masquerading as a biotech R&D company soliciting investments. The company offers 2.8% daily ROI on deposits and also an affiliate recruitment program to earn additional income.

About Biostry

While Biostry claims to be a biotech firm headquartered in London and the address provided by the website is to an office building in King’s Cross, there’s no indications that Biostry actually maintains offices in the building.

Meanwhile, there’s no information on the site revealing who runs the company, and the site’s registration information only reveals that the site was registered in July of 2017.

At the same time, Alexa site info reveals that Biostry receives the most of its traffic from Pakistan, Russia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and the Ukraine. Notice these countries are all rather far from the UK – this makes it unlikely the company is truly being operated from London.

Other than that, we’ve got no idea who’s behind this operation. This isn’t uncommon with HYIPs, but it is a fairly obvious red flag in that you don’t usually want to get involved in an “investment opportunity” company that won’t tell you who they are.

The Product

Biostry has only one investment product that it offers. This investment product is a 2.8% daily ROI investment that accrues interest Monday through Friday – essentially equivalent to a 14% weekly ROI.

Biostry accepts deposits exclusively in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. This is relatively standard today, as this makes it easy for international audiences to participate in HYIPs; it also makes it nearly impossible to trace transfers, thanks to the anonymity of Bitcoin wallets and unregulated nature of the currency.

The Opportunity

Biostry also offers a three-tier referral rewards program as well. Referral commissions start at 6% for direct recruits, drop to 4% for second-level recruits, and then drop further to 2% for third-level recruits.This is the extent of Biostry’s referral program.

Biostry Conclusion

It’s obvious to anyone that Biostry isn’t actually a biotech R&D outfit. No amount of corporate double-speak on the company’s site is going to convince anyone that this is anything but yet another HYIP trying to drive recruitment.

Recruitment is, after all, the only form of income for programs of this nature, as there’s nothing going on behind the scenes besides borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. Investor A plunks his money down and expects his ROI, which is dependent on Investor B joining the program after him and feeding money into the system. Meanwhile, unless an Investor C comes along, Investor B isn’t getting his own ROI any time soon.

In other words, once recruitment dies off, there’s not enough money in the system to pay out on those promised daily returns. The whole system falls apart, the company stops paying out, deposits are lost, and nobody’s happy. Well, nobody except the anonymous admins who keep whatever’s left in the system for themselves.

Biostry isn’t going to last very long. Don’t invest.

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