Biotron BTN ICO

What is Biotron BTN?

Biotron is a completely transparency platform for personal analytics that is said to empower individuals. It’s only user permissioned, with revenue sharing at private, personal data warehouses.

They also use the blockchain technology to keep things private and provide users with the most accurate analytics. They are designed to help businesses make better decisions about their company.

How Does Biotron BTN Work?

The company operates with personal data and blockchain technology. They’re promising that they have the most accurate analytics online and can help organizations make the right choices about clients. The solution is said to allow everyone to securely use their data for various online services.

There are social networks and sensors as well as IoT devices that work with the platform. Also, they base all their information on actual data. They have the highest quality and more accurate data collection services and analytics as well according to the company. With their help, people will have new insights and to make better decisions.

To operate the platform, they work with total transparency. People know exactly how and when their data is being used and organizations can trust the data. Biotron uses blockchain technology to incorporate transparency with everything they do.

Data quality is said to be superb and accurate. There are integrated assets that also help to complete the transactions. And it said to be the most cost-effective way to run organizations because of the accuracy that is allowed with the data.

There is a analytics interface for anyone who uses the app and the consumers who use it can count on a few things:

  • Prescriptive – The analysis shows exactly what actions to take. It’s one of the most valuable and specialized interfaces to help you make the best recommendations for the next steps in your business.
  • Predictive – An analysis of the different scenarios can be seen with this portion of the app. It’s one of the most advanced systems for making predictions about your business.
  • Diagnostic – You can use this to figure out what problems are occurring and why. It’s the result of deep analytics that can be read on your dashboard.
  • Descriptive – This is all based on any type of data coming in. You can even mine for specific analytics and use the real-time dashboard plus any email reports you’ve received.

As you can see, it’s a very in-depth system. Not only that, but there is also a massive team behind the scenes helping improve the system. The fact that they are giving the names of all the people on the team, shows transparency. This is important as any company that doesn’t show their faces is likely a scam or fraud. But here, you can see everyone who is helping move the project forward.

Biotron BTN ICO Conclusion

If you’re looking for a great analytics platform, then this could be the right company for you. Biotron seems to be a real company looking to improve the businesses of other people and organizations. Of course they are still in early development and this could take some time to unfold.

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