Birdchain is an Instant messaging app that allows you to automatically sell unused SMS and earn money!

The Birdchain service lets mobile phone users automatically sell their unused SMS messages to businesses. It will reduce the price of A2P SMS service by up to 6 times for businesses and it will create an opportunity for people to earn up to $300 per month.

Despite all mobile phone plans having free SMS messaging, few people use the option these days. Instead, people communicate via Instant Messaging apps, meaning that billions of free SMS messages go unused every month. Businesses also pay up to 10 cents per promotional or transactional SMS to clients. Although the price of the service is indecently high and corporate middlemen keep rising it every year, the quality of service is declining (lower delivery speed, messages are delivered too late, and only a part of all the possible recipients get the messages).

What Is Birdchain?

Users will download the app, set the number of SMS messages they would like to be sold. Birdchain app establishes a smart contract between businesses wishing to purchase the SMS messages and users. Once the delivery of SMS is confirmed, conditions of the smart contract are fulfilled, the company's bid is equally distributed among all app users whose SMS were used to deliver the messages. Users get paid in Birdchain tokens(BIRD).

Birdchain offers an alternative method to earn cryptocurrency. Earning comes from selling something ubiquitous but rarely used – SMS messages. The team behind Birdchain, VertexSMS, has been operating an A2P SMS aggregation business for nearly 10 years.

Birdchain Team

  • Ernestas Petkevicius – Co-Founder
  • Aurimas Sabaitis – Co-Founder
  • Audrius Vrubliauskas – CEO
  • Arminas Keraitis – Lead Developer

Birdchain ICO Details

Birdchain Verdict

It is quite a novel idea but it remains to be seen if it may interest businesses. Promotional SMS messaging is not a marketing route which is as popular as it used to be a decade ago. However, for mobile phone users it's a nice way to earn some extra income.

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