The enticing nature of the cryptocurrency world has got every investor longing to jump into the business. As a result, wily institutions are cropping up in numbers, looking to milk cash from ignorant traders. Millions are lost on a daily basis to these scheming enterprise that often subterfuge as hugely successful high yield investment programs with incredibly tempting investment plans.

The cloud mining sector is one of the most affected niches in the crypto space, as the number Ponzi schemes is remarkably high. Bit-Chain.Trade is one of the many scams posing as a legit HYIP while its ulterior motive is to con unsuspecting traders.

What Is Bit-Chain.Trade?

In an era where the cryptocurrency industry is at all-time high, it is expected that investors should at least have fundamental knowledge of the subject. This, however, is far from the truth.

Bit-Chain.Trade is platform that seeks to bridge the knowledge gap by investing on behalf willing investors on how to profitably trade in digital assets. Thus, the main objective of the platform is to assist uninformed investors to realize their goals in the crypto space.

The Bit Chain platform is tailored to make the trading process seamless. It leverages the powerful Comodo SSL protection, a feature that guarantees safety of information sent over the network. To ensure that the services are available throughout, the servers have an anti-DDoS protection mechanism. Furthermore, users are entitled to continuous customer support throughout the year.

Bit chain is a registered company licensed to operate in the United Kingdom.

Features And Plans

As expected, Bit Chain offers multiple investment packages with appealing ROI margins. The plans are available to all investors, regardless of the amount deposited. Moreover, the transactions are virtually riskless and instantaneous, meaning that users starting earning perpetual profits immediately after signing up and depositing.

The prerequisite for joining Bit Chain is having an e-money account or digital currency, as the platform only accepts deposits made via Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and advcash. Once deposited, the profits accrue on a daily basis, and are sent to the user’s Bit Chain account. Regarding withdrawals, they are usually processed recently upon the client’s request. The funds are then transferred to the corresponding e-currency account.

Additionally, Bit Chain has an affiliate program through which existing users can earn bonuses for every referral they make. The commissions are calculated with respect to the investment made by the referred client.

Is Bit-Chain.Trade A Scam?

As mentioned earlier, investors looking for cloud mining services need to tread carefully due to the massive proliferation of cons in the sector. The features of Bit Chain perfectly align with the distinctive characteristics of scamming HYIPs.

Apparently, Bit-Chain.Trade guarantees instant and never-ending profits, something that is unachievable, given the volatile nature of digital assets. Moreover, the ROI ratios are impractical, as no business can make that much profits within a day. All in all, it would take an incredibly credulous individual to fall for such a project.

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