Bit Control Agency

A Google search for ‘Bit Control Agency’ certainly casts doubt about the legitimacy of this cloud mining company, as the information is very scanty. Aside from the HYIP’s website, all other results seem to ask whether the program is a worthwhile investment or just another of the numerous scam to mar the remote cryptocurrency mining sector.

What Is Bit Control Agency?

Bit Control Agency claims to have unrivaled mining power, a feature that makes it the ‘best’ remote mining service provider. The company alleges that it is the frontier of innovativeness and creation of new mining algorithms that will transform the industry. Further, its leadership is made of top professionals who are not only dedicated to their work, but also trusted by ‘investors’.

In 2015, the nosedive in Bitcoin’s market value took down several cloud mining service providers. Surprisingly, Bit Control agency survived this ordeal. Currently, the company promises to give its clients a stable and reliable means of income. The company has its headquarters in 50 Brown Street, Manchester M2 2JG, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom.

Bit Control Agency Bitcoin Mining HYIP Program Features And Plans

When the deal is too good, think twice – they say. Immediately after glancing onto this program’s investments plans, the above mentioned saying will resurface in your mind. With a deposit of $10, this platform asserts that it can generate profits of up to 250%. If one digs deeper into their pockets and invests $1000, the margins can go up to 750%. That’s right, a whopping 750% on a daily basis. As tempting as this is, it is surely unachievable – not by any means.

Can You Trust Bit Control Agency?

Well, nobody has adversely commented on the operations of this firm; at least not yet. Nevertheless, the fact that this company claims to have survived Bitcoin’s crash three years ago yet nobody knows about, suggest that it might be a scam.

Moving on to the investment plans and their corresponding profit margins, they are completely impracticable. Margins of 750% are unheard of, even in the most profitable of businesses.

Bit Control Agency’s unfeasible investment plans do not do any justice to the allegations that they are a Ponzi scheme. In fact, they promote the assertions that they are looking to coax uninformed investors, then take off with their hard-earned money. Hence, it is strongly recommended to tread lightly or keep off from the operations of this shady institution.

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