The cryptocurrency industry offers fast moving investors many different opportunities to generate large profits over a short amount of time. Mining pools, ICOs, and other ventures have all provided cryptocurrency investors with the ability to dramatically improve their net worth in a small timeframe. One of the most popular new methods of generating a significant ROI from cryptocurrency is high yield investment programs, or HYIPs.

While high yield investment programs have been around for a while, they have recently hit the crypto ecosystem, and allow crypto investors to invest cryptocurrency- typically in the form of Bitcoin- into high-return investment programs.

The investment firms that operate HYIP platforms typically use this capital to fund aggressive speculative ventures into the forex and cryptocurrency markets, and as a general rule, are able to deliver on the promises they make in the early stages of their operation. The success and viability of HYIPs tend to follow a gaussian curve, however, so it’s best to get in early and get out quick to avoid getting burned.

In this article, we’ll take a look at, a relatively new player in the HYIP space, and find out what it offers to help you make an informed decision on whether it’s worth investigating.

Bitdragon Terms is a new London-based high yield investment program that accepts Bitcoin. Focusing on cryptocurrency mining and trading, the platform offers standard transaction Bitcoin confirmation times for deposits into investment accounts,

Withdrawals from accounts are processed by an automated node, which ensures instant payment upon withdrawal request.

Bitdragon Investment Plans

Bitdragon offers three different investment plans:

  • Starter, which provides a 9% return daily with a maximum deposit of 5 BTC
  • Medium, which delivers 10% return daily with a maximum investment of 10 BTC
  • Pro, which provides 12% ROI daily with a maximum of 30 BTC

The Verdict

While it’s important to remain aware of the risks involved in HYIP platforms and perform due diligence, is a new player in the HYIP environment and thus does not appear to suffer from the same issues that plague late-stage high yield investment programs. If you’re interested in testing out the benefits of the HYIP platforms. is definitely worth a close look.

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  1. Guys please join because they are paying like crazy and I’m enjoying them and this world is all about risk taking so make sure to join with what you can risk wit.


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