Bit Phoenix

Bit Phoenix, found online at, promises to pay you 5% to 10% every day for the rest of your life. Find out why it’s a scam today in our review.

What is BitPhoenix Solutions?

BitPhoenix Solutions, also known as Bit Phoenix, is a bitcoin investment scheme that promises to pay you 5% to 10% per day for the rest of your life. All you need to do is pay the company a bunch of money, and they’ll turn it into even more money.

Obviously, there’s no investment in the world that pays guaranteed returns of 5% to 10% per life – not even in cryptocurrency. When someone promises you returns like this, it’s a sure sign you’re being scammed.

How Does Bit Phoenix Work?

Bit Phoenix describes itself – no joke – as “a profesional platform [sic]” that “is created within bitcoin trading bots.”

“This is a niche platform, which allows Bitcoin resource owners to investing online.”

Yes, the whole website features wording like this. It was obviously written by a team of scam artists who don’t speak English as a first language.

Despite the fact that it’s an obvious scam, the company claims to have 15,000+ total accounts. It also claims to have been online since October 11.

Obviously, there are few investments that will pay 5% to 10% per day. So what types of investments is Bit Phoenix making? What types of products or services do they offer? How are they solving real world problems?

The company doesn’t claim to have any products or services. They don’t even pretend to be a legitimate business: it’s just a pyramid scheme where old investors are paid by new investors. The company is propped up by new memberships until it all collapses.

We can find no evidence that anyone has ever been paid by the platform, or that anyone has successfully withdrawn their money.

Bit Phoenix Pricing

Bit Phoenix has three different membership fees and tiers available, including:

  • Plan 1: 5% daily ROI for life, investments between $20 and $1,000
  • Plan 2: 7% daily ROI for life, investments between $1,001 and $5,000
  • Plan 3: 10% daily ROI for life, investments of $5,001 and up

Who’s Behind Bit Phoenix?

Typically, bitcoin scams like Bit Phoenix refuse to disclose personal information online. These companies want to avoid any legal consequences after they collapse and disappear with investors’ money.

This appears to be the case with Bit Phoenix. There’s no team information posted online. The company provides no information about itself. They don’t claim to have any type of bitcoin experience or investment experience, or other information you’d want to hear before giving someone a bunch of money.

The company links to a corporate registration document for BTC World Ltd, a company incorporated in April 2016. It’s unclear how Bit Phoenix is linked to BTC World Ltd – if at all. BTC World Ltd was a Ponzi scheme launched back in mid-2016 where investors were also promised 2% to 5% ROI every day for life. That scheme eventually collapsed and disappeared off the internet. It seems likely that Bit Phoenix “rose from the ashes” of BTC World, so to speak.

The domain was registered on October 11 to an anonymous individual.

Bit Phoenix Conclusion

Bit Phoenix asks investors to send thousands of dollars to an anonymous cryptocurrency address. These investors are promised returns of 5% to 10% per day for the rest of their lives.

In reality, your money is likely going to disappear as soon as it enters the system. Nobody seems to have been able to withdraw money, and the entire system seems like a pyramid scheme that’s destined to collapse after it collects enough money from investors. Bit Phoenix doesn’t claim to have any products, services, or investment strategies. They’re just a scam business backed by a team that refuses to disclose their identity.

Unless you feel like donating money to a scam artist, avoid Bit Phoenix and BitPhoenix Solutions.

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