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Note: Bitcoin Exchange Guide wants to be a safe haven for all bitcoin & cryptocurrency multipliers, tumblers, mixers, mining pools and HYIPs – if any bitcoin scam has happened regarding this program, please let us know in the comments are our internal investigation is still on going.


Before we kick off our independent research into Your BIT TRADING, here is the quick 4-1-1 rundown. investment plans state they pay 6%, 12% and 18% daily profits forever with a deposits ranging from $25 – $100,000.

Aside from these simple logistics, now let's talk about the fabric and DNA inside these HYIP schemes.

We see it as our digital duty to follow all of these new bitcoin multiplier programs and cryptocurrency HYIP investment plans because your money and the industry’s reputation can be at risk.

There is a newly launched opportunity that has just launched at which claims to be paying active and daily. While this website looks to be up to par, upon digging there can be a number of stories told when looking through the fine print and nitty ditty of the details.

While we get the attractiveness of earning free bitcoin profits from your spare funds and leveraging an expert’s ability to mine, trade and invest for daily gains, it is also important to be realistic and understand the nature of these high yield investment programs.

To be optimistic, not all bitcoin multipliers and investment plans are complete scams or fraudulent, but by in large the industry is in the majority as far as tainted and here today gone tomorrow with new ones popping up nearly every single day.


The royal voice of reason with all of these HYIP program is “do they pay” and if they pay “for how long have they been paying”. Aside from finding out these, locating “how much total paid out” is another benchmark to make sure and look for. Upon first looking at the new site recently registered on 08/20/17, it is difficult to find these stats to date. All of these can be a dime a dozen so it is important when researching to find these numbers and make sense of them before investing. If you have any comments, concerns or opinions make sure to leave it below so we can have an open and transparent discussion to help protect future visitors and researchers.


No matter the background or level of understanding in this space, high yield investment programs are the highest risk and lowest reward programs anyone can partake in. Given how many daily multiplier programs and HYIP investment opportunities are out there to choose from, it should be no surprise that most fail to meet the criteria that anyone with reason should consider when deciding which ones to join or earn daily profits with. Our best advice as of right now is to hold off and pause any instant gratification feelings you may have had before visiting here and check other HYIP monitors for their feedback on current payment and withdrawal activity.

How To Find A Paying HYIP Project?

Like looking for unicorns in the universe, it can be tricky and time-consuming to find an honest, legit, on-going daily cryptocurrency profit earner. We are working on putting together a Best Bitcoin HYIP Multiplier List here as it can be a very tedious task to stay up with all of the new companies and programs popping up as fast as they are shutting down. One of the golden rules we can suggest is to look at the track record of opportunities who have been offering the cryptocurrency mining and trading profit returns to see how long they have been in business and paying – also use search engines for reviews and feedback suggestions moving forward.

BIT TRADING Conclusion

As of today, with our review we cannot vouch for this program. While the offer looks and sounds authentic, we need further proof on our end that this will be a company that offers valid investment plans that will pay users who ultimately decide to join this program – but for how long?

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  1. BIT TRADING CC LTD is fake, pls do not invest in this company.
    I lost $250 in it, their Bitcoin deposit address changing everytime, so u deposit on same address where u deposited previously then they will not add in ur Bittrade account,

  2. hello, i have been on chat with these guys and they always responded.
    as for as what you have done seems to be your fault. The bitcoin deposit address is assigned to an account when you initiate a new deposit, if you transfer to same address in future without actually initiating a deposit, it’s possible that same address was assigned to someone else and you deposited to some else’s account. So that’s truly your fault.

    Moreover I have got 5 people signed up and all have got daily profit so as of now they are paying.

  3. mr. warrier i have daily earning of 60 $ i am sending request . but now they allow me to withdraw only 10 $. i have mailed them but no response. i have a chat with them but he always say admin will see it. send message .

  4. I agree with all now, i was also able to place withdraw request of 10$ only but seems like all withdrawal requests get cancelled after few hours. the gave is over however i have think i was lucky to get my capital back as i joined a month ago

    99% HYIP are scam so either invest early or don’t invest if it has been like 40-50 days they are online as that’s the time when they start winding up and run away

  5. I’m experiencing the same here. I’m ‘earning’ $60 per day and allowed to withdraw a maximum of $24. None of those withdrawals went through. They accumulate on the pending withdrawals. I’m really frustrated right now coz it was my last that I have invested. When I started the chatroom was active wherein you cud ask whatever and they respond instantly. Now the chatroom is gone. I just wish I cud get my $1000 back.

  6. There are no more payouts. Withdrawals are always accumulating in pending bar and we are making fake millions that to get them is as hard as shutting mouth of a warthog. We are now working with robots but the guys are already gone and no any trace for them. May God have mercy on the victims that they may not go insane.

  7. Hi is not paying my pending with draw is about 120 USD but they donot pay and donot answer any support mail,

    Chat is also not visible now..

  8. Fack European companies doing fraud . Please dont invest in these fake bitcoin trading company.
    Deposit your in blockchain safely.


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