Are you looking for the best investments? If you are, you have to know that you can only make them when you are well informed. Being a really good investor comes hand in hand with patience and research, so the only way to really prosper is if you really take your investments seriously.

To help you avoid any kind of scam, we review companies here that offer ICOs and all kinds of investment on our blog. Today, our subject is a company called Bit4G.

What is Bit4G?

Bit4G describes itself as a cryptocurrency-based growth fund, staking and lending platform. The company states that its goal is to bring “the magic of artificial intelligence” to the people.

Their algorithms are supposedly self-learning, so they can always stay ahead of other investment bots and give you the best results if you invest in their company. The InteliTrade, as the company calls it, is an intelligent robot that is more advanced than any other program in the market.

If Bit4G seems fishy to you, it’s because it is. It’s important to notice that their site barely have any kind of information. You should be somewhat skeptical of this company as they present almost no information about who are the people behind the company, how exactly their robot works and they promise miraculous returns on investment.

Also, you should notice that their “white paper” is a Powerpoint presentation. More visually attractive than a usual white paper, yes, but much less informative and doesn’t look so trustworthy.

How Does Bit4G Work?

If you really want to use Bit4G, you would have to buy their tokens first during the upcoming ICO and then lend them to the bot so it can make the investments for you. The robot then uses its artificial intelligence to get you a high return on investment.

As a rule, we are highly skeptical of investing bots. They generally are very failable and might offer more problems than help you in the long term.

If you want to invest in this company, you can buy their tokens on their site. They do not have a fixed public price per token, so you’ll have to ask for an invitation before you can buy the coins to use this product.

Is Bit4G a Scam?

We cannot affirm without any doubt that Bit4G is a scam, but it surely looks like it. This company has all the red flags of scams, so you should really think well before investing in this company or you might end up regretting your decision in the long term.

One of the red flags is the absence of names of people that work in the company. A solid company generally uses names and documents to prove that they are legit. Scammer companies generally try to avoid it as they can so they will be able to run away with your investments and not have their real names tied to them.

The company does not even have a proper white paper, instead of having a Powerpoint document that does not really inform very much about the company.

Another red flag that you can find browsing is that their robot is not highly believable. In our blog, we are generally very wary of robots, as the technology is still not up to the promises they make.

Because of this, every evidence points toward this company being a scam.

The Bit4G Verdict

Do not invest in this company. Actually, avoid it at all costs if you can. There is probably nothing really profitable from investing in this company right now. Instead, you should focus on looking for other companies that might be more secure and that will really give a return on investment, not fancy lies.

Your best option is to avoid any kind of company that is completely based on artificially intelligent bots and makes real proper investments. They might not pay so well, but offer much more secure options for you.

If you really want to make good investments, remember to browse our blog and you will find many other options that would be perfect for you. You can find all the best options for investments on our blog.

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  1. hmm im not sure if i agree with this forum as i have invested, i waited for a few days until i was satisfied and infact i withdraw from other platforms to invest with bit4g.. im quite pleased with them as my payments are on time and the support is fantastic.

    maybe you should re think this review.

    • Bitcoin transfers are temporarily unavailable due to record network congestion on Bitcoin network and ultra-high transfer fees. This facility will be available as soon as the network stabilizes. Please check back, thanks

  2. i know they are scammers. they not survive for only one month. koz what will be the purpose . they’ll wait until they got enough btc stolen then they’ll declare a shutdown

  3. I am getting below error while withdrawing BTC:

    Bitcoin transfers are temporarily unavailable due to record network congestion on Bitcoin network and ultra-high transfer fees. This facility will be available as soon as the network stabilizes. Please check back, thanks.

  4. I raised a complaint as well but no reply from bit4g.
    earlier they use to reply in 1 day, now it is 3rd day no reply. seems that scam is finally started by them and it was our mistake we didnt listen to others when they were saying “ICO lending is all fraud” :(

  5. They are fake n it’s full of scam as earlier they told minimum withdrawal limit is 50 USD but now it’s showing 50 bit4g. Not allowing to withdraw profit

  6. guys this is totally scam ….pure scam. i invest in bit4g eight month ago….but till now not received any return..i invest in 3 id,s…not open even one id…plz be aware of this kind of scam


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