It is no doubt that cryptocurrencies and especially Bitcoin are the most popular currencies in the world right now. However, while they are easily accessible through digital platforms, they is still a large percentage of indiviudals and organizations skeptical on the innovation with most of the blame going to the high volatility.

Despite all this, other ventures have found a pretty easy way to overcome this challenge by tieing the cryptos to a real value asset such as precious metals. Bitacium is an example of how the digital form of currency could transform into less complicated forms.

What Is Bitacium?

Bitacium is a decentrazlied platform that provides for cross border transactions, payment processing and transaction settlements through an AI-based exchange system. Additionally, Bitacium looks to offer its users a broker currency that acts as a bullion coin to facilitate exchange for fiat currency or other crypto. The resulting exchange value goes into acquiring or selling the precious metals such as Gold, Platinum, Silver and Palladium.

Bitacium Blockchain Bullion Currency Exchange Features

  • XBCU Coin- as the broker token, the XBCU coin packs value through its cross-trade capabilities with precious metals
  • BAETRIS App- the Bitacium Automated Exchnage and Transinteractive System works to facilitate a decentralized exchange whose objective is to provide a global marketplace for XBCU coin under a multifunctional AI network.
  • Cashback mechanism- merchants on the BAETRIS exchange provide for cashback options for users shopping or transacting through BAETRIS

Bitacium Benefits

  • A low-cost exchange service for users to trade their cryptocurrencies regardless of their location
  • Bitacium also introduces an exchange that allos XBCU contributors to earn rewards just from participating in Bitacium’s ecosystem
  • The cashback spending reward is also a great way for the users to earn bonuses from shopping on the Bitacium marketplace
  • Bitacium provides cheap options for cryptocurrency enthusiasusts looking for inexpensive bullion deals
  • Under the BAETRIS platform, Bitacium allows users to borrow liqud funds while also empowering them the potential to lend to other users
  • A cross interactive wallet that offer interoperability functioning to handle seamless exchange between cryptocurrencies and the precious metals


Bitacium XBCU Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • START- JUNE 1, 2018 (7:00AM GMT)
  • End: June 30, 2018 (11:59AM GMT)
  • Presale token rate: $0.05/XBCU
  • Presale Bonus: 30%
  • Gold $43.03 860 XBCU $ 0.05/XBCU
  • Silver $ 0.55 11 XBCU 0.05/XBCU
  • Platinum $30 600 XBCU $0.05/XBCU
  • Palladium $31 620 XBCU 0.05/XBCU
  • Token Name: Bitacium (XBCU)
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Decimal Places: 18
  • Algorithm: Ethash
  • Block Time: 6- 10 seconds
  • ICO Crowdsale Bonus: 10%
  • Maximum Hardcap on crowdsale: 39,467 ETH
  • Minimum Softcap: 9,854 ETH
  • Total token supply: 400 million XBCU
  • Number of token for Presale: 120 million
  • Tokens Exchange rate: 1ETH=12,700 xbcu, 1BCH=25,620 xbcu, 1BTC=178,740 xbcu
  • Minimum Purchase: 0.1 ETH
  • Acceptable Payment Currencies: BTC(Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), BCH (Bitcoin Cash)

Token Distribution

  • Public crowdsale- 50%
  • Presale- 30%
  • Founders, Team and Advisors- 15%
  • Reserved- 5%
  • Use of funds
  • Development- 40%
  • Publicity and partnerships- 25%
  • I.T infrastructure- 20%
  • Legal and financial overheads- 15%

Bitacium Conclusion

In a nutshell, investing in bullion coins such as Bitacium provide for an easy income and help overcome the volatility and uncertainties that surround cryptocurrency. However, due to the regulation differences it can become hectic to ensure users don’t end up losing all their earnings. The underlying concern remains the level of authenticity with the Bitacium team project which is less than impressive judging from the potential outreach of the venture.

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