What Is BitAeon?

BitAeon is a digital platform for a “next-generation investment”. According to its official website, it combines all of the most popular earning options under one roof. In addition to the classic Forex trading and currency exchange, the platform utilizes the powers of blockchain and crowdfunding. However, when we dig deep we see this BitAeon might not be all it is cracked up to be as some crypto community members outlaw it for having the same setup as BitConnect:

They do the hard part of investment management and risk evaluation to leave their customers with the most enjoyable part—profits.

Users of the platform can enjoy the benefits from diverse investment portfolios and unified interface with their investment package. The platform generates most of its income during work hours (trading forex and exchanging currencies) and receives a steady stream of passive income from other ventures—even on weekends.

Any person who has attained the legal age can become a client on BitAeon Limited. There is no requirement of any special knowledge on investment before using the platform.

All sounds great right, well keep your guard up because the sweet talking continues per their marketing.

BitAeon Trading Options

BitAeon offers a world of limitless options as follows:

  • Forex trading: trading currencies, popularly known as Forex, is the mainstay of every investment company in the world. BitAeon is not left behind.
  • Digital exchange: users can gain interest from operating exchange services for some of the most popular digital currencies worldwide.
  • P2P exchange: users enjoy censorship-free transactions, high security, and reduced fees
  • P2P lending: the platform generates high returns for lenders and decreased interest rates for borrowers. P2P lending is a win-win for all parties.
  • Bitcoin mining: the assets are diverted to participate in Bitcoin mining pools to return small profit and help the industry.
  • Startups: startup funding is a profitable investment option. BitAeon specializes in using blockchain technologies

BitAeon Wallet

In order to ensure that their systems remain reliable even in the future, the platform is working on developing its own crypto coin. This will not only increase the stability and security of the platform, but will make it independent from Bitcoin network.

Eventually, users will avoid unnecessary delays due to network overloads and unreasonably high network fees. The following are some of the key features of the proposed wallet:

  • Private keys—users control their private keys
  • Transparency—source code will be open to the public
  • Backup and security—backup and restore features
  • Compatibility—compatible with different operating systems

Currently, the Crypto coin is in its pre-development stage. The company plans to test it in late second quarter of 2019.

BitAeon Affiliate Program

Basic Affiliate 5%

By becoming a member of BitAeon, you automatically gain access to their affiliate career program. As a basic affiliate, you stand to earn a 5% affiliate commission from direct referrals and additional 1% commission from the first 3 levels of your passive referrals.

Diamond Affiliate 10%

You can keep advancing your affiliate career by ranking up and reaching the Diamond affiliate rank. This will enable you to double your direct affiliate commission to 10% and unlock additional two levels (five levels in total) for the 1% passive referral commission.

BitAeon Advantages

  • Private and secure: advanced account security together with the privacy of Bitcoin cryptocurrency as a payment processor.
  • Always instant: no more waiting—just one click and your withdrawal will instantly enter the automated processing queue.
  • Legal entity: BitAeon is a legitimate company based in the United Kingdom, registration number 10875288.

Again, as we alluded to ealrier – there is not much faith that this very program will be here any mount of weeks or months from now – however well some of these are ran, they all have exit plans and most of the time it is with user funds so choose wisely.

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Coin Market Cap Price Change 24 Hour Volume
BTC $135.9B $7,671.0278 -4.02% $6.77B
ETH $25.95B $244.3852 -5.42% $2.59B
XRP $15.8B $0.3752 -7.32% $737.85M
BCH $7.05B $395.9119 -5.97% $589.48M
LTC $5.45B $88.1244 -4.00% $715.81M
EOS $5.44B $5.9573 -5.91% $719.91M
BNB $4.34B $30.7171 -3.77% $286.37M
USDT $2.93B $1.0010 -0.25% $6.05B
XLM $2.36B $0.1226 -10.43% $51.54M
ADA $2.04B $0.0786 -7.93% $100.04M

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