BitAir is a payment platform that has been built on Blockchain Ethereum technology that enable its clients to spend tokens to buy tourism and travel related services such as making reservations, booking airline tickets, and many other related services. Just a few months ago, this company was recognized as one of the most effective payment method by Asia Pacific Travel, which is one of the most renowned online art ticket agencies in Asia.

Since it was established, many passengers have made tourism and travel related payments within the BitAir system because the system is highly efficient, secure, fast, and reliable. In fact, research that the company conducted found that 65% of passengers preferred to pay using BitAir as opposed to other payment method such as banks transactions, cash, or visa.

What has made this platform successful within a very short period of time is the fact that the company is committed to giving their customers quality payment services using cutting edge technologies that are reliable and secure.

Why Choose BitAir?

BitAir cares about the welfare of their clients, and that is why these cryptocurrencies, a payment system in which all transactions made are immutable. This means that they cannot be deleted, altered, or recovered by anyone.

This is very important because it completely removes fraudsters from the system because they can't be traced or find the transaction details. In addition any changes to a public blockchain are made public, meaning it can be viewed by all parties, fostering transparency.

Low Cost

Are you tired of paying so much for your travel related costs? If so, then BitAir offers you the solution that you have been looking for. Their services are not only efficient but they are very affordable.

The main reason why this company offers it services at their very affordable price is because of the fact that the company has eliminated third party intermediaries as well as overhead costs that are usually associated with asset exchange. BitAir operates on the Etheruem Blockchain that reduces transaction fee significantly, thus lowering your costs.

Faster Transactions

If you have used bank transfers before, then you definitely know that they can take up to 3 days before it is cleared and this can cause financial statement issues. This matter becomes even worse if it is outside of working hours. However, that is not the case with BitAir.

The fact that it operates on the blockchain means that you can make transaction in real time. Transactions are also processed 24/7. It is the best platform to choose if you want to make travel related transactions quickly.

High Quality Data

The blockchain is one of the most secured platforms that exist today. This is because this platform is actually maintained by a large network of participants, making it hard for one single participant to gain entry and make fraudulent transactions or alter important information successfully. You can be sure that all transactions made will be executed without the needs of having a trusted third party.

Security And Integrity

The blockchain data that BitAir uses is consistent, complete, accurate, timely, and widely available.


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