The cryptocurrency market is a fickle beast, and can shift and change at a moment’s notice. In order to generate a significant profit by trading crypto, it’s necessary to keep your finger on the pulse of the market and keep up to date with the latest news and movements.

While this can be an incredibly rewarding process that many traders use to generate a massive amount of profit in a short amount of time, it can be incredibly intensive and stressful. Many crypto investors are happy to simply purchase high market cap cryptos and hold them in anticipation of a long term price rise, but there is a third option available.

High yield investment programs take the stress out of the speculative investment process by allowing investors to deposit funds into a managed account. Also known as HYIPs, these platforms typically use investors capital to fund speculative or aggressive ventures into the crypto and forex markets.

While investing in a HYIP may be relatively simple, they are still associated with a significant amount of risk. HYIPs have existed in traditional markets for some time, and are known to collapse due to the mismanagement of investor funds.

Perhaps the most common cause of HYIP failure is the practice of paying out withdrawal requests from older investors with the capital of new investors, a practice that is essentially the same in function as a Ponzi scheme. When assessing a HYIP, it’s important to perform your due diligence and identify whether it is fraudulent or not.

As a general rule with HYIPs, it’s best to get in early and get out fast. In this article, we’ll take a look at a new HYIP- BitAssets. We’ll examine the BitAssets platform and find out about the plans it offers investors to help you make an informed decision on whether or not it’s a good investment opportunity.

What Is BitAssets?

BitAssets is an average HYIP that provides investors with a family standard amount of information. The BitAssets platform ticks all of the boxes required of a reliable HYIP- users are provided with information regarding the registration details of the company and a short explanation of how funds are invested.

A key difference between the BitAssets platform and other HYIPs is that it’s based in the UK, and provides investors with a dedicated 24/7 customer support line. Deposits can be made in Bitcoin, which allows investors to invest in a completely anonymous fashion.

BitAssets has a minimum investment amount of 0.005 BTC, and does not limit investments to a maximum deposit amount. BitAssets performs withdrawal request within 90 minutes of request.

BitAssets Investment Plans

BitAssets offers three different investment plans that offer a scaling daily returns depending on the amount of capital invested:

  • 3.8% daily forever, which has a minimum of 0.002 BTC and a maximum of 0.5 BTC
  • 6.2% daily forever, which has a minimum of 0.5 BTC and a maximum of 2 BTC
  • 10% daily forever, which has a minimum of 2 BTC and no maximum deposit

BitAssets Verdict

BitAssets is a good example of a more reputable HYIP, and has a number of positive reviews around online. While the BitAssets platform may appear reputable, it’s important to carefully consider all factors when deciding on whether or not to invest in a HYIP.

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