Online cryptocurrency communities are fun and fabulous, but having a real-time lesson from thought leaders in cryptocurrency, finance, and economics could help put a face to some of the names you see out there.

The BitBlockBoom Event

Take for example this weekend's even project with BitBlockBoom which recently held a local talk what the future of blockchain could mean. The must-attend event was for an individual with interest in the financial future of money with the list of attendees featuring learning from the brightest minds within the cryptocurrency scene.

BitBlockBoom Agenda

BitBlockBoom's discussion featured keynote talk on the following

  • Bitcoin: How an open-source software project created the most advanced form of money ever
  • Bitcoin's Governance: Proof of Hat vs. Proof of Work
  • Can Cryptocurrencies Save the Next Generation in Latin America?
  • Trading Bots and Trading Software
  • The Time Value of Bitcoin
  • Effectively Evaluating Cryptocurrencies
  • The Future of Bitcoin

BitBlockBoom Speakers

The same group also hosted many lead cryptocurrency talkers with presentations and lengthy discussions session. Some of the speakers that hang out at the event include

  • Pierre Rochard- Co-Founder, Satoshi Nakamoto Institute
  • Saifedean Ammous- Assistant Professor of Economics
  • Michael Goldstein- President at Satoshi Nakamoto Institute
  • Tuur Demeester- Founder, Adamant Capital
  • Mark Hopkins- Founder of Roger Wilco Agency
  • Casey Watkins- Crypto Unicorn Money
  • Ray Redacted- Network & Information Security Researcher
  • Nik Bhatia- Investment Manager, Payden & Rygel

Was BitBlockBoom Worth It?

The BitBlockBoom Meetup was not just about hanging out at the event had a lead agenda behind it that featured some of the most critical and exciting elements within cryptosphere. Overall, the group did hold an incredibly eloquent and thought-provoking meet-up that was almost similar to a half-conference and half-party but still having an educational time to gain new knowledge.

Event Details

  • Conference date- July 14th, 2018
  • Location- Renaissance Dallas Addison Hotel, Addison, TX, United States

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