The developers of Bitboots believe that professionalism and foresight are what will drive the blockchain technology in the future. The blockchain has fascinated the developers of Bitboots since it was created many years ago. Today, many banks and governments have begun to accept this technology.

With many developers stepping in to contribute code, 2018 seems to be the year of the blockchain. Grailum, the company behind Bitboots wants to be a front-runner is contributing to the development of this technology. As a result, they are offering services that meet the needs of the end user.

Reasons Why You Should Use Bitboots

Growth Plans

They have an exceptional expanding growth strategy and vision in crypto services. They want to be actively taking part in the future as it occurs.

Secure And Safe

The company uses the highest standards of encryption technology to protect all their servers, network, and data exchange. This ensures that all activity on BitBoots is always secure.


Any data that Bitboots collects is used to identify you as a person concerning the services they offer. They promise they will never share your data with a third party for any reason.

Exchange Tools

The Bitboots team has created a spot exchange between the most popular crypto coins and token pairs. They also ensure that the fee is small or none depending on the unique circumstances.

Awarded Reseller

Bitboots has the advanced code, which lets you earn coins or fiat by referring friends to cash out or deposit to the BootTrader. Through the simple program, you will be able to earn more.

Great Earnings

The automated Bitboots system will ensure that you have a steady and reliable source of income. You can use any of the many payment options or coins that are offered on this auto trader.

How BitBoots Automatic Cryptocurrency Trading System Works

On BitBoots, you will not need to adjust any settings or have experience in coin trading. The BitBoots project took over two years to create. They tested the code many times and can now deliver a stable and safe income to anyone that joins. The system has proven itself in ensuring that the daily rates hold.

You will no longer have to spend precious hours watching exchanges and making risky gambles. BootTrader will do all the legwork. BootTrader is just one of the many products that the developers have created. The aim is to ensure that crypto trading is not just a side hustle. It can be your main source of income.

BitBoots BootTrader Earning Levels

Level 1

  • Earnings- 1.1% daily
  • Investment- $50-$1200

Level 2

  • Earnings- 1.3% daily
  • Investment- $1200-$2500

Level 3

  • Earnings- 1.6% daily
  • Investment- $2500-$7500

Level 4

  • Earnings- 1.9% daily
  • Investment- $7500-$15k

Level 5

  • Earnings- 2.2% daily
  • Investment- $15k-$250k

The investment values are shown in USD but can be paid in coins. There are no hidden fees upon sign up or any obligations.

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