Before we begin this review, we should learn a bit more about Hedge Funds, and how they can be of much use to us in this current crypto climate. In their basic essence a hedge fund can be thought of as an tool that “pools in capital from accredited individuals or institutional investors”, and in turn invests the sum into a variety of different assets. Hedge funds make use of a complex mechanisms as well as risk management techniques to maximize profitability, and reduce chances of losses.

At this point, it should be known that since 2014, there have been more than 100 crypto hedge funds that have been launched into the market. In a study published a couple of weeks back, it was reported that there are currently many efforts being made to “institutionalize hedge funds” in the crypto universe (thereby giving users a good investment avenue).

What Is BitBull?

BitBull is a an “San Francisco-based cryptocurrency fund” that was started in the year 2016. In its present incarnation, the company is currently accepting outside assets in order to promote crypto investments. Additionally, it should be noted that BitBull is part of Stanford's StartX startup incubator, and is headed by personnel such as Joe DiPasquale. Joe is is a giant in the crypto world, and has been associated with a wide variety of blockchain ventures such as ReGroup.

What's The Future Looking Like?

Due to the number of crypto funds being launched into the market on a near daily basis, it can be tough for investors to research every project. In such a scenario, a “fund of funds” can be used to lower overall risk, and maximize investment potential. In a recent statement, BitBull PR representatives had the following words; “We are capping each round of assets raised so that we can grow smartly and prove the track record at every level.”

This can be proven by the initial fundraiser that was conducted recently by the company. During this event, a total of $20 million was raised.

What Is The Main Difference Here?

The one thing that differentiates Bitbull and other hedge funds is the fact that they charge zero percent management fee. While the “fund of funds structure” has fallen out of favor in the recent past with many investors, with the advent of crypto technologies, it shouldn't come as a surprise if we see the rise of hedge funds once again in the coming future.

In a recent interview, Joe DiPasquale said that with the right mix of management, and experience, there is a large possibility for such investment ventures to make a come back once again.

How Do I Sign Up For Bitbull?

Users interested in BitBull can visit the official company website, and get in touch with company members to further discuss their investment opportunities. Additionally, we can also subscribe to the monthly newsletter, and stay abreast with all of the latest happenings in the world of hedge funds.

Lastly, the company has stated that they only accept investments from qualified clients. Their current minimum investment stands at $100,000 USD, which can be made via the use of different crypto or fiat currencies. In addition to this, investments can be deployed over a period of a few months. IRAs are also accepted.

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