With the rise of cryptocurrencies, many investors are now looking to buy/sell digital assets such as BTC, ETH, LTC However, there are still many people who don't know how to make such investments, and as a result of this are missing out on a chance to participate in the economic boom that we are currently experiencing.

What Is BitCaptera?

In its very essence, Bitcaptera can be thought of as an “open source Lending / Staking / Mining / Trading platform”. It has been designed to serve as a ‘one stop shop’ for all our crypto needs. In terms of its working, this platform is completely decentralized, and as a result of this, it is completely free of any third party involvement/ interference . In addition to this, the creators have also laid great emphasis on the safety and security of this system.

BitCaptera Important Features

P2P Based:

Owing to the fact that Bitcaptera is a Peer to peer service, it is able to run without the need of a central server. As a result of this decentralization, users are assured more privacy, as well as more transparency on all dealings that take place within the network.


BitCaptera makes use of a ‘blockchain database’ that is not controlled by any one authority/ agency. This means that it is almost impossible for anyone to done anything fraudulent within the network. For the sake of complete transparency, all transactions are recorded live, transparent, and spread across multiple servers.


One of the main features of this system is that all of the transactions that take place within it, are only visible to the key parties involved. Other users on the blockchain will only see that a transfer has taken place,but will not know who the involved individuals are.

Mitigation Of Risks:

After the conclusion of the Bitcaptera (BITCAP) tokens sale, all buyers have the option to redeem their purchase if the token falls below a certain value (i.e. if the price goes down below the minimum 10 $ in first quarter of listing on exchanges).

Supply Regulation:

In order to maintain a steady stream of native tokens within the network, the company plans to buy back .5 Million Bitcap tokens every quarter and then burn them. This will help control the circulating supply, and will be done until the total number of tokens available reduce by 9 Million Bitcap.

Other Important Aspects Of Bitcaptera Include:

Nominal Transfer Fee: quite like other high quality crypto payment services, the cost of making transactions within Bitcaptera are almost next to nil. Additionally, there are no restrictions as to how much money can be transferred using Bitcaptera.

Fast: the transactions are fast and can be done within a matter of seconds. All one needs to make use of this service is a smartphone or a computer, that has access to the internet.

Opportunities Being Presented To BitCaptera Customers

Investments: users are given the option to invest in the company's native currency, and thereby receive a steady flow of interest on their investment.

Mining: through the use of specialized POW algorithms, this platform allows its users to mine cryptocurrencies in an easy and sustainable fashion.

Trading: through various lending schemes, users have the option to trade various digital assets to make daily profits.

BitCaptera Token Sale Details

In all there will be a total of 21 million tokens that will be made available for sale. The ICO will take place in four rounds.

  • Round 1: 2-4 million tokens will be available. The rate has been set at 1.25 $ + 20% Bonus.
  • Round 2: 4-6 million tokens will be available. The rate has been set at 1.5 $ + 15% Bonus
  • Round 3: 6-8 million tokens will be available. The rate has been set at 1.75 $ + 10%
  • Round 4: 8-10 million tokens will be available. The rate has been set at 2 $ + 5% Bonus

To make a purchase, users can visit the official company website. Payments can be made using fiat currencies as well as crypto assets. In case of any queries, users can get in touch with the customer support team via email.

Lastly, the fund utilization scheme is as follows

  • 47% of the revenue will be used towards further product development.
  • 20% will go towards covering advertising, marketing costs.
  • 15% of the money will go towards business development and information security.
  • The rest of the funds will be utilized for covering legal expenses, as well as creating a small monetary reserve.

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