BitCentrix is a bitcoin investment scheme that promises to make you rich quick – with no hard work or risk required. Find out how this “opportunity” works today in our review.

What is BitCentrix?

BitCentrix, found online at, promises to help you invest “safely and easily” while being able to “secure a level of financial freedom.” Basically, the platform promises to make you rich quick with little risk or hard work required. The BitCentrix website is filled with stock images of businesspeople doing business-y things, and the company has an affiliate program that pays people to recruit others to the platform.

Obviously, there are a lot of red flags to BitCentrix that are immediately visible. Is BitCentrix a total bitcoin investment scam? Or is this a powerful investment opportunity as advertised? Let’s take a closer look at how BitCentrix works.

How Does BitCentrix Work?

It doesn’t take much browsing on BitCentrix before you realize you’re dealing with a complete investment scam. The company promises absolutely ridiculous ROIs on its “investment packages”.

The company doesn’t claim to put your money towards any type of high growth investment – like a product, service, or lending scheme. Instead, the company appears to wave a magic wand over your money, which magically turns it into more money. We’re talking about plans that claim to double or triple your money every few days – which is ridiculous even for the HYIP and Ponzi scheme industry.

BitCentrix offers three plans, all of which are blatant HYIP scams:

  • BitCentrix Basic: 110% ROI every 1 day, with minimum deposits of $10 to $200
  • BitCentrix Experts: 140% ROI every 3 days, with minimum deposits of $500 to $2500
  • BitCentrix Premium: 200% ROI every 10 days, with minimum deposits of $2,501 to $50,000

We have no evidence that anybody has been able to successfully withdraw money from the platform, or that anyone has been paid anywhere close to these absurd returns.

On top of these ridiculous “guaranteed” returns, BitCentrix promises to pay you 2% to 10% referral commissions when you refer others to the platform. This is how most Ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes work: they depend on new memberships to pay the returns of older investors, so new members need to constantly be recruited until the scheme collapses.

Who’s Behind BitCentrix?

BitCentrix claims to have been online since September 11, 2016, with total investments of over $1.8 million. We can find no evidence to support any of those numbers. As far as we can tell, BitCentrix has never paid anyone.

The BitCentrix domain was registered by a man named Farhan Khan, who lists an address in Punjab, India as his mailing address. The website is registered to his email address, which is [email protected]

Although BitCentrix claims to have been online since 2016, the website appears to have only been updated with the latest HYIP scam in September 2017.

A quick Google Search for Farhan Khan and his email address reveals that he’s been linked to a number of scams in the past – including a fraudulent website called “”. That website was featured on a number of scam spotting websites before being removed from the internet.

In any case, Farhan Khan is a bad enough scam artist that he hasn’t protected his information in any way. His information is fully viewable from the WHOIS lookup for, including his phone number, location, and email address.

BitCentrix Conclusion

When someone promises to pay you triple digit ROIs every 1 to 3 days, it means you’re being scammed 100% of the time. There’s no such thing as a legitimate investment that pays returns of 10,000%+ per year – guaranteed. BitCentrix doesn’t claim to offer any product or service. It’s a blatant scam fueled by the membership fees of gullible investors. Those membership fees are used to pay the returns of older investors, and the scheme eventually collapses.

Even if you do get into this HYIP early, we have no evidence that it’s paying anybody, or that anybody has been successfully able to withdraw 200% returns every day.

Ultimately, BitCentrix is one of the more obvious scams we’ve seen in the cryptocurrency community. Unless you feel like donating your money to a scam artist, you have no reason to deposit money into

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