According to market analysts, the coming years are going to see cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum selling at all time highs. This is because, these digital assets are independent of any financial institution, and thus come with less restrictions in terms of ease of transfer and trade. However, at the same time there comes the added risk of fraud and potential scams. Thus, we have to be sure that the crypto service we are making use of is in legal harmony with existing laws, as well as is based on serious market research.

What Is BitChamps?

BitChamps has been described by some media outlets as an “experimental new cryptocurrency” that has the ability to enable instant payments to anyone, in any part of the globe. This is done via the employment of an “open decentralized crypto-currency” that can be used by anyone with proper identification documents. The service is truly international and features users from all over the globe.

What's Different Here?

BitChamps is unique in the sense that it makes use of a ‘peer-to-peer technology’ that helps in running of the core AI without the presence of any external central authority. In addition to this, the mainframe system takes care of transactions and matters related to money transfers by keeping track of all moves carried out within the network.

Other key aspects include

No Fees:

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, BitChamps allows for safe and secure transactions to take place all around the globe. All transactions are free and involve no commissions. As a result of this ‘zero fee’ system, this platform can potentially change the way e-commerce businesses, online business, retail stores function.


As is clear by now, the BitChamps network is completely decentralized, and thus works without making use of any central servers. All transactions are made digitally and are protected through the use of secure cryptographic algorithms. This means that identities are completely protected, and only members on the blockchain are aware that the transfer has taken place.


All of the transactions that are processed are done so collectively by the entire network of users. Even with this amazing transparency, no single user is given sole access to the transaction details. All transfers are fully anonymous.

BitChamps Benefits:

Personal Network:

BitChamps is reliant on its personal network that is self reliant , self sustaining. It is open to anyone willing to join and become part of the community.

Based On Market Research:

All of the technical aspects of BitChamps are governed by market trends that are based on other crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash.

BitChamps ICO Details

As is clear by now, the name of the token is BitChamps (which has been abbreviated to BCS). There will be a total supply of 25,000,000 tokens out of which 6,000,000 will be offered during the presale. In addition to this, the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) will begin on the 18th of November and run up till December 7th, 2017. The maximum number of coins purchasable by a single user will be 5,000,000, and the price of an individual coin will range between 1$ to ,2$.

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