BitCheke ICO (BCK Token)

What is Bitcheke?

Bitcheke is a brand new social media ecosystem that was created under the waves wallet It’s being designed as a disruptive platform, one that ill help with the future of different payment gateways and systems for commerce, marketing and advertising. It’s aim, to become fully integrated into mainstream use with the various cryptocurrencies on the market, so they can be used on a daily basis without any worry.

The main goal is to use the platform to increase the influencing participation through that of different users in order to increase their power to make purchases, as well as contribute to the environment with different social mining platforms that are called rewards.

BitChecke, a long rewards company with social mining platforms that can be used to make simple decisions on previously complex system. That can now be inexpensive where as the social lminid was once unsafe and expensive for the entire environment.

How Does Bitcheke Work?

The company is for investors who need extreme levels of security and anonymity. This is something that was previously already known to be normal for cryptocurrencies. But Bitcheke is taking it to other levels and making it so that no transactions can be falsified or reversed illegally and instead give highly better fees to the users than they would get with other platforms or while using the banks.

With cryptocurrencies in general have the lowest rates and make for more reliable transactions than that of normal currencies on the market place. They’re also more beneficial to people because people who use them have more abilities to access the systems because of the decentralized nature vs. that of the banks who are only able to be used by people who qualify for an account.

And it’s also therefore important to remember that we understand that speculation and participation are not nearly enough for the usability and reserve it for intrinsic value of cryptocurrencies that could wind up in shortages where they instead will have sustainability.

BitCheke works together with rewards as the newest way to get people using new cryptocurrencies. There is now being an ecosystem being built that is based on incentives that will likely impact and potentially fill the entire social and economic gap with new reasons for environmental responsibility.

Details of the BitCheke ICO (BCK Token)

How many of the BitCheke are there already, having been issued? As of now the total supply of 70 billion. And the are currently 131,674, 646 of the coins in circulation. Another 19% of the reserves is being kept with the founders. This is the cryptocurrency of the future apparently, one that will be used to improve the way cryptocurrency mining occurs.

If you haven’t heard of what social mining is, it’s an alternative to traditional mining, and because of this will operate each day with total and full integration to the new cryptocurrency marketplace with little to no barriers. And this is how Bitcheke’s project is based on the social community that presents and introduces what is officially known as social mining complete with rewards.

Through the applications that have been made by the platform, with the intention of attracting anyone new to the world of cryptocurrency. It’s been motivated by a very easy process that is used to incentives on an every day basis.

The tool is a new one that is being designed to disrupted ho mining operates with social mining. It will be used to change the view of investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts can find new projects through social and ecosystem-based awareness and trends developing.

The environment being built by the Bitcheke is for anyone, regardless of their current social position, class, race, religion, sex or any other personal preferences. And for those who want to invest and find a new method through which they can save and make new profits or get rewarded for using the platform.

It will also allow them to release money, so they can increase their wealthy, as well as have a better future that can improve their spending power, and thereby stimulate the purchasing power as well as savings through the BitCheke, investors who are looking to improve their living conditions as well as generate an impact that is considered to be great for the local society and economy.

There is a digital and electronic wallet, that is essentially an app with a bunch of different integrated security system – that gives you the allowance where you can store and transfer your virtual currency with no form of intermediation of another financial institution like a government or bank.

Who is Behind Bitcheke?

At this time, there is no disclosure on the team behind the new platform. There is also no disclosure on the location of the company headquarters. This is usually a sign of a bad, non-transparent company. It’s a bad sign because of the frequent number of fraudulent companies. I would be hesitant to invest with them because of the risk of sending money to an anonymous party online.

BitCheke ICO (BCK Token) Conclusion

If you’re looking to invest with a company, Bitcheke sounds nice, but they’re not necessarily the company you’re looking for. At least not as of right now, until Bitcheke sends more information on who is running the show, I would stay away from the company entirely. They’re not trust worthy entirely at this money, but that could change very quickly if they disclose who they are.

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