Have you ever imagined a blockchain and cryptocurrency platform in which you could get tokens for playing guitar? This platform exists, it is called Bitchord and we will review it today.

What Is BitChord?

Bitchord is a blockchain platform based on music. It exists as a way for guitar players to engage with each other and to their audiences. The musicians will also be able to create, host and share original content produced by them and make a profit selling it. The company has created an online platform which is constituted by both a portal and a marketplace.

This company was created by people who love music and want this world to be more recognized. The company was created by Ignazio Di Salvo (Content advisor), Galina Mikova (technical writer), Mykola Vdovychenko (legal advisor), Svilen Mikov (content advisor) and Igor Dudnek (WEB Developer).

How Bitchord Guitar Players Earn Rewards Blockchain Works

Bitchord is a decentralized content sharing platform focused on guitar players. They will be able to sell the access to premium content created by them and to receive donations. Users will also be able to get rewards (tokens) for the approval and moderation of content and advertisers will have the chance to negotiate with the most famous players and pay them directly.

The platform will be based on the Ethereum blockchain and it every transaction will be made via smart contracts. This will enable the guitar players to sell their services without needing any intermediaries or third parties. The transaction history will be stored on the public blockchain, so you will be able to see the transactions later.

By using this platform, the creators can really own their content because they will be able to really own the rights of what is produced by them and sell it as they wish.

How To Invest In Bitchord BCD ICO Details

Did you get interested in Bitchord? You will be able to acquire tokens from this company during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) that the company is planning right now. The pre-sale phase of the ICO will start on March 3 with the price of $0.06 USD per token. After March 19, the price will be $0.11 USD per token and the main sale will begin on April 3 with the price of $0.16 USD per token.

Finally, the last phase of the sale will last from May 19 to July 3 for $0.19 USD each. You will have plenty of time to buy tokens, but you will get best results if you buy them soon because they will be less expensive.

BitChord Verdict

Is Bitchord a good investment for you? If you buy tokens during the first phase of the sale (or even the second one), it can surely be. The tokens will hardly lose their value so quickly that you will not be able to exchange them and the tokens sold during the last phase of the ICO are already four times the original price of the tokens. Apart from the quality of platform, this is a good investment.

The platform seems good, too, so you will probably be making a good investment if you decide to invest in Bitchord, which is great news. This company looks like a good example of a solid investment. Because of this, you can invest in this company without being too much worried.


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