Have you ever heard of Bitcoiin? The two I are not a typo. Bitcoiin (B2G) is a new scam that has appeared online. Trying to pass itself as an alternate version of the original Bitcoin, this currency is trying hard to be listed in exchanges so it can be bought. Being listed is actually one of the main issues faced by tokens focused on Ponzi Schemes and multi level marketing.

B2G has already hitchhiked on many companies like Dragon Mining Tech, Bitcoin Trading World, Palilula Mining and Crypto Mining Space and others. This creates a scam within a scam because you need scam #1 (Bitcoiin) to fall into scam #2 (Dragon Mining Tech), which can confuse people even more.

Bitcoiin (B2G) And Dragon Tech Mining Announce Exchange Listing

At the moment, you can only buy B2G from Thorex, a private exchange that was created by the same people who made Bitcoiin and Dragon Tech Mining. It has a value of $48.90 USD on the exchange.

The companies have announced that B2G would debut in other two exchanges by the end of the week, though. An email was sent to the users of the company explaining that they would be listed. The names of these companies were not mentioned in the email.

The email also has a request for the users to start asking Binance to include B2G. They send a referral link and ask for people to add “Bitcoiin B2G” as a trading pair that they want to see on Binance.

It is important to understand that the referral links will possibly give money to the company, so you should not create an account using it.

If you doubt that any company will list B2G, just remember BitConnect, which was also clearly a scam and it was listed.

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