Bitcoiin Review

Like so many other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoiin claims to be the next biggest cryptocurrency on the market. They’re supposedly going to be bigger and more successful than the original Bitcoin. But the chances of that are very unlikely.

What Is Bitcoiin?

The company is based on Ethereum’s Blockchain technology. And right now, the company is in their stages of the first stages of pre-ICO. They are currently 47 days, 17 hours and 48 minutes into it and have already raised fifteen million. The total market cap is fifty million tokens. The total cost of all this is said to be $250 million on the hard cap.

Here’s the first red flag I notice on the company website, at one spot they claim to have made 15.8 million and on another part 12.6. While it’s true that things happen fast, this is a pretty big discrepancy. A company that can’t update their website has some issues, especially when they’re talking about millions of dollars.

How Bitcoiin Bitcoin Mining, Staking & Trading Token Works

They claim to be the next big thing. They talk down to Bitcoin, saying it’s out of reach for the every day person. This is a major sign to consider, the most successful companies in the cryptocurrency world make it very clear that that they’re not here to beat Bitcoin or are better in any way. Instead, they mainly talk about how they can improve the way Bitcoin functions and improve the experience of the user who owns them.

Like many other cryptocurrencies, they claim that Bitcoiin will help to improve the security, speed and costs of the cryptocurrency. They are developing a unique atmosphere where people can come to use blockchain technology and benefit from the decentralized network that is not regulated in any way shape or form. They use the words, “The most advanced blockchain technology,” which is a bold statement often used by Bitcoin mimics who claim to be the best.

Are they worldwide, yes – or at least from what they say. They also claim to be unlimited, with lower costs and no borders. At the same time, they promise to have a transaction speed that is one hundred times faster than that of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Even there claims of having mining revenue that is 2-3x faster than the original is out of this world. Every company has to make bold claims, but they are usually overzealous.

They have the anticipated goal of being the largest cryptocurrency network in the world. Faster and better than any other. Using Ethereum’s blockchain technology is said to be the secret. There will be P2P built systems for the use of transactions and a partner program for people who prefer to be affiliates.

What Is The Bitcoiin B2G ICO?

The Bitcoiin ICO is in pre-stages with about 48 days until that of its launch. There isn’t a road map for the ICO yet, but we will see soon enough.

Who Is Behind Bitcoiin?

This is the main problem, no one knows who is behind the program. There is a complete and total lack of transparency about it. In fact, the CEO is unknown as is the location of the company. And when that is the case, it’s a dangerous game for everyone who wants to get involved. The first sign of a great company is their honesty and transparency. If that’s not the case, it’s in your best interest to stay away from them entirely.

Bitcoiin Conclusion

From everything that the company website has to offer – it’s a scam and you should stay well away from the company. If not, be ready because you are likely going to lose a lot of money. Bitcoiin is not a valid company from the looks of their website.

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Coin Market Cap Price Change 24 Hour Volume
BTC $142.68B $8,050.7237 0.15% $4.77B
ETH $26.73B $251.6397 0.02% $2.04B
XRP $16.26B $0.3860 -0.57% $374.23M
BCH $7.2B $404.2660 -1.72% $240.26M
LTC $6.39B $103.1368 1.60% $902.09M
EOS $5.84B $6.3903 -1.17% $530.88M
BNB $4.86B $34.3987 1.10% $360.02M
USDT $3.07B $1.0035 0.04% $4.4B
XLM $2.41B $0.1251 -1.54% $39.3M
ADA $2.09B $0.0805 -1.00% $41.24M

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