BCH Slack Banns Amaury Sechet of Bitcoin ABC

BCH Slack Banns Amaury Sechet of Bitcoin ABC

Bitcoin Cash Slack recently banned Amaury Sechet, dubbed the “Benevolent Dictator” of Bitcoin ABC, from its channels. The ban was reported by Reddit users, leading to a social media storm as to why the split occurred.

Most of the discussion came from Reddit users, who also claimed that Bitcoin Cash Slack banned Sechet due to his vocal attitude toward pre-consensus solution, which is a form of organized agreement of crypto miners to reduce the rate of orphaned blocks. The pre-consensus solution has received backlash from several people, including Dr. Craig Wright. According to Wright, Bitcoin Cash protocol does not have a placed for an organized solution and that a form of pre-consensus could arise spontaneously.

These developments are interesting, especially in light of the fact that Sechet has been with Bitcoin Cash from its start and he has worked on the platform’s most important developments. Sechet has also been a proponent of the Emergency Difficulty Adjustment solution. Despite Sechet’s work and efforts, several Reddit users, Bitcoin Cash was threatened by a small group of developers looking to take the platform in a certain direction. However, the platform’s community has the right to agree or disagree with the proposals and miners tend to avoid them.

Currently, the platform has low transaction rates, despite its positive network performance. And at some point, the BCH oustripped BTC’s transaction, at least until it returned to normal levels, which is around 17,000 per day. The Bitcoin Cash project aims to improve adoption levels and usage by prompting the network’s speed.

As for the platform’s market price, it hasn’t been doing so well – it recently dipped below $700, but then recovered to $7.1128. Further, over 60 percent of BCH trading is against the Tether fixed-price coin.

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