There is a new version of Bitcoin ABC software that has been enhanced in order to prevent chain reorganizations to affect the stability of the network. It is important to remember that the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network experienced a network upgrade earlier this month. There were two proposals, Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV.

After experiencing a hard fork on November 15, Bitcoin ABC released a statement in which they inform that the new release allows miners to know that transactions are immutable after ten confirmations. This would protect the network against deep reorganizations that affect the network.

The Announcement Released Reads As Follows:

“You may have read on different media there are a few miners that continue to threaten the BCH network with chain reorganizations. Many see this as a threat to the fundamental functionality of the chain and its use as peer to peer cash. We understand the uncertainty this cause for users, businesses, and the market in general.”

According to the statement, the Bitcoin Cash network has been very stable since it was upgraded back on November 15. The team behind it is currently working in order to keep users’ funds secure and the network fully functional.

In this way, it will be much more difficult for another network to take over the Bitcoin ABC network. Although it does not mean that reorganizations are impossible it will have a positive impact on the network.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin Cash has a market capitalization of $2.91 billion dollars and each BCH coin can be purchased for $166 dollars.

The Bitcoin ABC 0.18.5 version can be downloaded on their official website.

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