Bitcoin Blackbook

Bitcoin Blackbook is a downloadable eBook that recently launched online. Find out if this PDF file is worth the price today in our review.

What is Bitcoin Blackbook?

Bitcoin Blackbook, found online at, is an eBook sold through Clickbank. The book promises to help you “turn a few bucks into a massive fortune” by investing in cryptocurrency.

Obviously, we don’t have to tell you more about cryptocurrency than what you’ve already heard. Plenty of people have made a lot of money through cryptocurrency. You can find legitimate stories of people putting a few hundred dollars in bitcoin before 2013, only to find out that they’re millionaires in 2017.

Bitcoin Blackbook fills your head with stories like this. The eBook’s sales page describes how cryptocurrency prices have risen 11,000 to 48,000% over the last few weeks alone. The eBook also hints about things like “an imminent event where over 250,000 stores are expected to begin accepting” bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies.

By buying Bitcoin Blackbook, you can learn about all of these things – and more. So is Bitcoin Blackbook too good to be true? Or is this eBook the real deal? Let’s take a closer look at what you’ll learn in Bitcoin Blackbook.

What Will You Learn in Bitcoin Blackbook?

Bitcoin Blackbook is a cryptocurrency investment guide catered towards beginners. The eBook repeatedly insists that you don’t need to know anything about bitcoin or cryptocurrencies prior to buying the book. The author also explains that you don’t need a lot of money, nor do you need a lot of time to get started.

So what will you actually learn in the book?

Altcoins are like penny stocks – by putting a small amount of money into the right altcoins today, you can earn massive returns. Bitcoin Blackbook cites examples like AllSafe (which rose 15,808%), NewYorkCoin (2871%) and BumbaCoin (482.13%) as examples of the biggest gainers in the altcoin markets. The author teaches you how to pick the right altcoins, jumping on a cheap altcoin today before the price skyrockets by thousands of percentage points.

The author claims that in summer 2018, “roughly 250,000 businesses are predicted to begin accepting some alternative currencies as payment for goods and services.” The author doesn’t explain how he knows this. However, based on the rise of cryptocurrencies throughout 2017, it seems like 250,000 is actually a small number.

How to make $800,000 in three days. The eBook claims you can earn nearly a million dollars in 3 days by following the “Bitcoin Blackbook method”. The eBook actually claims you can make that through just a tiny investment: “I’ll show you how $10 could have turned into more than $800,000 million in just 3 days!” How much money is “$800,000 million”? I have no idea. However, Bitcoin Blackbook clearly believes its method will lead to easy money and fast riches.

Which of the 1,000+ altcoins are worth your investment, and how to analyze other altcoins to decide if you should invest.

When to buy and sell bitcoin. How to track market movements and what it means when bitcoin rises and falls.

How to earn maximum profits from your cryptocurrency investment portfolio. The author of Bitcoin Blackbook explains the strategies he personally uses to invest in cryptocurrencies, including how to setup your portfolio for short-term profits or long-term stable growth.

Who Wrote Bitcoin Blackbook?

When you’re being asked to pay for a PDF file online, it’s important to know who wrote it. Bitcoin Blackbook was written by a man named Tiz Gambacorta. Tiz claims he “made thousands” in his first year of crypto investing. He bought Ethereum when it was $5, and he purchased Zcash at launch.

Tiz Gambacorta, also known as Tiziana G. Corta, is an Italian entrepreneur and digital marketer best known online for his work with, a marketing agency based in London. You can view Tiz’s LinkedIn profile here: He’s a graduate of Imperial College London (MSc., Mathematics and Finance) who previously served as a Vice President at Barclays Capital between October 2006 and January 2011.

Tiz has released a number of products online regarding online marketing – specifically email marketing and sales funnels. One eBook called Zero to $1 Million: 3 Steps to Doubling Your Income with Email Marketing is available from Amazon.

In his online profile, Tiz writes that his success in online marketing has “Allowed him to buy 5 properties in the UK, drive some of the nicest cars, live in an amazing apartment in the most luxurious resort in the country and travel to some of the most incredible places in the world.”

Tiz also claims he “doesn’t consult” because “most people could not afford his fees anyway”. Overall, Tiz claims he made over $35 million by age 29.

What’s Included with Bitcoin Blackbook?

Bitcoin Blackbook comes with a number of products, including all of the following:

Bitcoin Blackbook:

This is the core eBook explaining the altcoin and bitcoin investment strategies mentioned above.

Master Class Series of 8 Videos:

Bitcoin Blackbook’s author, Tiz, will explain how to setup your cryptocurrency portfolio across a series of 8 videos. Tiz also sends you a transcript of these videos, along with a PDF slideshow of the topics covered during the class.


Tiz will share a copy of his “Mindmap” that he keeps by his desk but has “never shared with anyone before”. It’s a visual aid that explains the step-by-step process you should use when investing in cryptocurrencies.

Secret $10 Blueprint:

This book comes in the form of an eBook (a PDF file) and an audiobook (an MP3). The book

Updates to Bitcoin Blackbook:

Tiz will send you updated modules for Bitcoin Blackbook over time, featuring the latest news and information from the crypto world.

Bitcoin Blackbook Pricing

Bitcoin Blackbook is priced at $9.95 USD.

Like all Clickbank products, it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. You can request a refund anytime within 60 days and get every penny back.

No additional charges or subscription fees are listed. This seems like a one-time fee.

Bitcoin Blackbook Conclusion

Bitcoin Blackbook is a downloadable eBook that explains how to make money through altcoin and bitcoin investing. The author of the book claims to have made $35 million before age 29 while working at Barclays and Deutsche Bank. He then transitioned into email marketing and later discovered crypto investing. Now, he’s packaged all of that advice into a $10 package of digital goods.

To learn more about Bitcoin Blackbook, and to decide if it’s worth the price, visit online today at


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