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The birth of Bitcoin and its exceptional rise over the last few years has every investor interested in a piece of the pie. People are pouring their money into bitcoins and altcoins by the millions. There has been both losses and unbelievable profits. However, there has also been a rise in scams that purport to invest in cryptocurrencies to benefit their clients. Our eyes are fixed on, and we give you our honest thoughts about this high yield investment program. is a relatively new cryptocurrency trading platform that investors can deposit their funds, sit back and wait to be rich. As is similar with lots of cryptocurrency trading programs, this one is a total rip off. There are so many false promises made by the program. The site claims it is 100% secure while offering great profits, and that are your investments are risk free. With the votality of cryptocurrencies, it would be wrong to convince anyone that their investment is risk-free.

What Is Bitcoin Box?

The site is just one day old according to several HYIP monitors, however, when you browse through the website, the founders claim that it has been operating since 26 June, 2017. They have even given names of the founders who are; Solomon Edwards, Luxoft, Monetas, Consultant George Nixon, and Thomson Reuters. We searched for the names of the people behind this HYIP and we couldn’t seem to find anything on Google. Just like the profits they promise investors, we think these are just fictitious characters of people in the internet. The picture on website is just a random one off the internet. When you see people trying to hide their identity, it raises a red flag.

They company is registered in the UK under company number 23412342. They have even provided a physical address; Waterloo Road, London, SE1 8XD, UNITED KINGDOM. However, they claim that they are in Switzerland. This disparity doesn’t add up! One would be fooled that this is not your usual HYIP program because of the professional layout of the website. Furthermore, they have several social media pages making it seem more legit. But do not get confused, it has all the classical traits of a scam.

Bitcoin Box Bitcoin HYIP Investment Plans

Plan 1

  • 30% on 10 days
  • Min – 10.00
  • Max – 100.00

Plan 2

  • 80% on 20 days
  • Min – 101.00
  • Max – 1000.00

Plan 3

  • 150% on 1 month
  • Min – 1001.00
  • Max – 100000.00
  • Referral percentage is earned on 3 levels
  • Level 1 – 7%
  • Level 2 – 10%
  • Level 3 – 15%

Bitcoin Box Final Thoughts

Just like most HYIPs, the site admins will collect investors money and shut down the website when least expected. There are so many legit cryptocurrency investments you can try, but not this one.

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