Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash

Really quick, for anyone searching the word – Bitcoin – isn't always going to get exactly ‘bitcoin' related things in the world of cryptocurrencies for the simple fact of the great debate, Bitcoin (BTC) vs Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and the ongoing internal politics of the bitcoin ecosystem.

Big time Bitcoin supporter and vocal advocate Jameson Lopp broke it down nicely for all of those interested in Bitcoin to know how to make sure and get BTC minded vs BCH focused content and media channels.

  • /r/bitcoin is a BTC subreddit
  • /r/btc is a BCH subreddit
  • is a BCH twitter
  • is a BTC twitter
  • is a BCH site
  • is a BTC site
  • Bitcoin Core is a BTC implementation
  • Bitcoin ABC is a BCH implementation

This split happened last year August 2017 when the first bitcoin-branded hard fork happened to ‘increase block size' as one of the primary drivers between the community split. This was all done due to the fees being too high during BTC's run from $1,000 to near $20,000 in 2017.

What do you guys think of the Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash debate and community split? There is no doubt it has made the totality of the ecosystem weaker in whole even though both coins are doing their respective things in building a bigger and better tomorrow using the blockchain technology inherent in either whitepaper from day one.

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