Bitcoin Core v. 0.16.1

Bitcoin Core v. 0.16.1 has been released and includes an important amount of features and improvements. The information has been announced on June the 15th.

The new version has different features, bug fixes, and improvements in performance. At the same time, there are updated translations. It is important to mention that the version removed miner block size recalling the deprecation of the ‘-blockmaxsize’ option for miners to limit the size of their blocs in the older version. If miners want to limit the weight of their blocks they will have to apply ‘-blockmazweight.’

Moreover, wallets that were created in 0.16 and later will not be compatible with versions prior to 0.16 and will not work if the user wants to use new wallets in older versions.

Back in February, the latest Bitcoin Core client was release. It provided ‘full support’ for Segregated Witness (also known as SegWit). SegWit is a scaling technology that reduces the processing and waiting times, and it also helps reducing transaction fees.

At the moment, bitcoin developers are working on the Lightning Network (LN) scaling solution that aims to reduce transaction times and fees. It would help the network to process an important number of transactions but off-chain. Later they would be broadcasted on the network.

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