BitPico Provides Explanation For Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Attack in Interview

Bitcoin developers and miners, Bitcoin just threatened BCash and Roger Ver that they have launched an attack on Bcash nodes. The attack does not appear to have a financial incentive, supporting their claim that it is altruistic in nature.

They say that they are expected to have about 5,000 Bcash attack nodes in roughly 6 weeks and then they will multi-fork the chain. Bitcoin Cash is especially vulnerable to hacking as 85% of all Bcash nodes are in two data centers. On the other hand, BTC is Sybil proof unless you can deploy 50,000 full non-pruned nodes.

However, the hack won’t be as simple as they claim to be. All their nodes will validate BitPico’s payload and just ignore it because you need to mine and provide correct POW in order to chain to the next block. The spamming might be useless payload will do nothing. The nodes will verify and see that the payload doesn't match and will just ignore it. Bitcoin is a POW system. Unless he is going to invest a huge amount of capital to mine, it is doubtful that this will have any effect with his little fake Sybil nodes.

The outcomes of the threat are yet to be seen, however, at least BitPico’s time and effort will be beneficial in testing the Bitcoin network. Notably, BitPico had earlier claimed that Bitcoin Segwit3x fork is still active, which later turned out to be false.

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  1. BitPico should be sued. Many avid and intelligent crypto enthusiasts hold BitcoinCash. BCH is set to be the future of micro payments over the net.


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