Bitcoin is busy doing its thing again seeing a rise to $8,500+ after a $300+ 24 hour rise since yesterday. The $8500 benchmark hasn't been passed since March 26, 2018. Then its twin, Bitcoin CASH continues to flirt with the $1,100 levels after momentum has been building seeing how just 48 hours ago BCH price was $770 range.

And everyone's favorite smart contract blockchain platform Ethereum has been finding a nice stride seeing a high of $595 after being just $420 per coin just a week ago.  Is there a possibility that ether could blow past $600 and make another serious run into the $700 range (all time high levels were $1,400 earlier in January 2018).

Will we see Ethereum breakthrough the psychological barrier like we did with Bitcoin Cash and the $1,000 level?

With a market cap of $375 Billion and growing, will the coin markets continue to see green across the board into the weekend?

As you can see below, according to out of all the top 100 coins, only 8 are showing up in the red today and even those are very small retractions in decline coin value. Nearly all the alt coins are seeing a positive uptick in trading volume in the 1 hour, 24 hour and 7 day periods.


Who doesn't love an all Green Day if you are invested into cryptocurrencies? Just a week ago the market cap was around $310 billion USD and now we are flirting with the $375B range and could see a quick rise to get past the $400 billion dollar market cap.

As one famous TV personality and crypto twitter user put it,

“Because of the #crypto surge, the crypto market is now back above $350 billion in market cap”

We will be covering more about the bitcoin price watch analysis as well as Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), IOTA, Stellar (XLM), Cardano (ADA) and EOS. All of these coins respectively have saw at least a 30% boost upwards in the past week giving a bullish outlook for the remainder of the month.

What else seems interesting is that Bitcoin (BTC) dominance has slide back down to 39% marketshare when it was near 45% just a few days ago. Stay tuned, the last time the coin market cap was over the $350 billion dollar mark was back in March 21, 2018 and judging by who you follow and pay attention to – is this the start of the post-tax second boom bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market might experiencing or are we in for another rocky position?

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