Bitcoin (BTC) Price Rises $1,000 in 2 Days, All Top 100 Coins See Boost

As Bitcoin’s Price Is Up $1,000 USD In Just Two Days, Most Top 100 Also Rise

As Bitcoin is alive once more and has increased its price in almost $1,000 USD, 98 out of the Top 100 tokens according to the market cap have seen their prices increase as well. It is a well known effect that the whole market goes well when Bitcoin does it and today was no different.

How Is The Crypto Market Doing Right Now?

After reaching a high point of $7,542 and 15% over the past month, Bitcoin is “alive” again and has seen a price that it could not reach for a long time. Ethereum (ETH) is still around the $500 USD mark and it is the top altcoin of the market, up 4.5% in the last 24 hours. The Ethereum market has also increased its market cap to more than $296 billion USD, the biggest amount of money since June 11.

Stellar (XLM) and Cardano (ADA) are the two biggest winners of this round, though. Stellar was able to get incredible 30% in 24 hours (reaching almost $0.30 USD per XLM token), while Cardano grew 21% (its price around $0.18 USD now).

If you compare the prices to last week, the numbers are even more incredible, as Stellar is up 59% and Cardano is 41% up. Some of the reason why Stellar is so well might be because the token is now compliant with the Sharia, which can be a great help for the token in Islamic countries. Also, Coinbase announced last week that it was exploring the addition of new altcoins and they include Stellar and Cardano.

Will the trend upwards continue? Hard to say for sure, but the billionaire investors Marc Lasry has recently told the media that Bitcoin could reach the price of $40,000 USD until the end of the year and that the owners of the token can make up to five or ten times their money now in three to five years because blockchain is becoming more mainstream.

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