Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Integrates the Cashy Web App to Boost Transparency in Transactions

Good news for programmers of Bitcoin cash (BCH)! Cashy, an application that is used as a toolbox for programming bitcoin cash has been released recently.

The application has been developed by the same creators of Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) which is used for asset tokenization on bitcoin blockchain to allow for transparency and security. This is one great achievement the developers pride themselves in.

The Cashy Web application

Simple Ledger, Inc., the developers, have recently released a video demonstrating how Cashy can be used.

To access Cashy, the link can be followed. Cashy allows you to select a script template and one can load their own local script if available. The SLP creators are thrilled by their product that brings innovation to the bitcoin world.

They went on further, on their Twitter page, to say that the new Bitcoin Cash opcodes will take crypto to the next level- Real world use cases.

How Cashy Web app is used

From the video released by Simple Ledger Inc, they clearly demonstrate how Cashy can be used by more than one party to help in coming up with the correct P2SH address that can be used in a multi-signature contract.

Using Cashy, the verification of the multi-sig address can be done against the contract agreement to see whether it is valid or not. Regarding the P2SH address, the developers are keen to note that Cashy interacts with oracle APIs and trusted third party data.

Moreover, it can validate new scrip template files. The Cashy tool also works with Bitcoin Cash time locks and makes use of the network’s opcodes like OP_CLTV, OP_CSV, and OP_CHECKSIG. In addition, from OP_CHECKDATASIG, and OP_CHECKSIG, Cashy can come up with transaction signatures and reliable data. The toolbox can also build things using hex data and can incorporate loops using the feature ‘script-repeat’.

Cashy seems to gain a lot of popularity among those with interest with the crypto world as well as BCH adherents. The SLP developers are sincerely thankful to all stakeholders for showing interest in their newly released application, Cashy. They look forward to showcasing more uses and capabilities of Cashy.

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