BCH dApp ‘Honest Cash’ Is Witnessing An Amazing Growth Of Around 10% Per Day

As per a new press release, Honest Cash, a BCH-based social media platform, has just added 200 new customers to its native operational interface. Not only that, according to program creator, Adrian Barwicki, Honest Cash is now all set to offer customers with a host of new features that will not only increase the app’s overall usability but also make it more visually appealing.

About Honest Cash

Following the recent BCH hard fork saga, the world was introduced to a new social media platform called Honest Cash (the service was launched primarily by the proponents of BCH and it aims to rival today’s existing social networking mediums such as Twitter ).

In terms of its overall usability, Honest Cash has been designed to provide registered users with the power to “create a unique profile that is tethered to a BCH wallet and post written content in short or long form”.

However, over the course of the past week, Barwicki has been working tirelessly to upgrade his brainchild by introducing novel features such as:

  • Ability to add photos and videos to one’s posts.
  • Ability to reward creators who publish quality content.

Lastly, via a tweet released a few days back, Barwicki announced that his team had recently roped in a total of 200 new users (thus allowing the firm to experience a growth rate of around 7-10 percent per day).

“Another 200 accounts have just been activated on Honest Cash. 190 stories have been published, 150 are being written, 120 tips/upvotes were given since two days ago and we have an elite retention rate of over 50% — Is something growing like this on BSV?”

More On The Matter

A closer look at Honest Cash’s native UI shows us that the app’s feed comprises of a host of different subjects linked with the crypto domain. For example, users can scroll through stories related to different topics such as bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, trading etc. Not only that, the latest iteration of Honest Cash also comes loaded with its very own native wallet client that has the ability to import existing keys with custom HD derivation path support.

Final Take

With the launch of Honest Cash, the internet finally has a media platform that cannot be censored by any centralized authority or media conglomerate. It now remains to be seen how the app is received by the crypto community at large (and whether it is able to garner mainstream traction in the coming few days and weeks).

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