Bitcoin Cash Developers to Anonymize BCH Transactions Under New CashShuffle Project

Bitcoin Cash [BCH] Developers to Anonymize BCH Transactions Under New Project

Bitcoin Cash [BCH] developers have supposedly come up with a project dubbed, CashShuffle, which supports adding an extra layer of privacy on BCH transactions, that is making it completely anonymous. The project supposedly houses an underlying concept dubbed, TokenShuffle, which is deemed responsible for anonymizing the transactions.

As per an AMB Crypto report, who has referenced, the need for Tokenshuffle, as mentioned above, is fundamental for ensuring that said transactions are private. The owner of the concept has been deemed as Chris Troutner, who was also the one to have disclosed the details on Friday, October 12.

In addition to its ability to make BCH transactions more private, TokenShuffle aims to improve fungibility. Troutner has since posted a Gist that outlines the entirety of the new concept and is presently open to feedback, which he claims will be used in bettering the proposed idea.

As per his statement, the protocol is based off of CoinJoin and CoinShuffle, and will serve as a

“light weight web app that people can anonymously interact with,” adding that it has the ability to “leverage new token protocols built on top of Bitcoin Cash like Wormhole.”

The diagram breaks down the roles of each step involved, which includes the user, public input address, web form, burn address and output address, all of which can be found at the link below:

In terms of feedback, Troutner has revealed that he has received some, where the said individual(s) considered the entire process to being centralized and “just another mixer”. In response, Troutner shared the following:

“The above statements are true. I’d love it if they weren’t, and if anyone has suggestions on how to reduce the trust/centralization, I’d love to hear them.”

Given that TokenShuffle aims at anonymizing transactions, then what can be said about CashShuffle? According to the official website, it is a 2-in-1, where it serves as both a “protocol and an implementation for BCH privacy-enhanced transactions, based on CoinShuffle protocol.” It supposedly allows its users to put together their transactions in an obfuscation way, which minimizes or better yet, eliminates the risk of losing funds.

To learn more about the project on hand, check out:

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