Bitcoin Cash Fund & Yeecall Team Up To Advance BCH Espousal

Bitcoin Cash Fund and the Yeewallet team have announced a partnership on May 8th, 2018. The organizations will be airdropping a total of 20 BCH to Yeewallet users who meet the airdrop requirements. The partnership is aimed at strengthening the adoption of BCH while symbiotically benefiting Yeecall as well.

BCF, a nonprofit organization has been committed to spreading BCH worldwide. They believe that Yeewallet’s massive user base will help gain some traction to the 4th largest cryptocurrency in the world. The time is right for Yeewallet as well as they recently launched multi-cryptocurrency wallet that also features internet voice calls using the popular Yeecall platform. Additionally, Yee has just added BCH support for the Yeewallet interface.

A spokesperson for Yee said “Yee believes that the support of BCH on Yeewallet will not only enrich the Yeecall’s application scenario and satisfy our Yeecall users’ needs, but also extend the BCH’s influence and promote the development of BCH community,”

However, the airdrop doesn't come for all of the wallet’s users. The BCH airdrop will be divided proportionally based on the quantity of YEE they have in their wallet, with a minimum of 10,000 YEE as a requirement.

This move has been drawing a lot of criticisms. First of all most people feel that BCH is getting desperate to gain some momentum. In the past 3 months, BCH gained only 14% while BTC gained 17% in the same time. Taking into account that most of top 20 Altcoins have been performing better than BCH, the performance of Bitcoin Cash has been considerably worse. Another factor that got disapproval from the masses is there stingy 20 BCH airdrop. They have their app downloaded more than 30 million times and have traded more than 1.3 billion coins. If those profits were not enough, BCH is sitting on a massive pile of donated cash for the developers.

Not only does the BCH draw public criticism, even their new partner Yeecall does it too. One that draws the most public attention is that their Terms of Service prohibits users from spreading rumors with their app!

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