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As the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed last year, many people started to think about cryptocurrencies as a way to get easy money. Because of this, they are often fooled by scams and bad sites. This review will explain to you if Bitcoin Cash Grab is a good way to make money or not.

What is Bitcoin Cash Grab?

Bitcoin Cash Grab is a site in which you can automate trades of cryptocurrency assets by creating a broker account and letting a broker take care of your money. The site states that you do not need to download anything and you do not even need to be online when trading. The service is, the company affirms, completely free.

How to Use Bitcoin Cash Grab?

To use this company’s services you have to create an account and then deposit some money. The company recommends something between $500-1,000 USD for starters, but you can go as low as $200 USD if you want.

After this, you have to select a broker to take care of your business. Bitcoin Cash Grab does not charge fees, but most brokers will so be aware that the service is not really 100% free, the company just doesn’t charge you directly because it possibly charges the brokers. Also be aware that you have to use one of the brokers of the company, not from any other source or company.

After registration, which is fairly easy, you have to verify your ID. To do this, send the required documents after you have selected the broker. The answer will come in a couple of days.

You can ask for a withdrawal anytime you want, but Bitcoin Cash Grab does not manage your assets, the brokers do. Because of this, you might have to wait a few days to get your money (in the worst case scenario, it can take about a week, but you can get it in 4 to 5 days generally).

The company offers support via emails or live chat, so you can try to talk to the company if you have any doubts.

Is it Secure to Use Bitcoin Cash Grab?

That is the main issue: we are not sure that you can trust Bitcoin Cash Grab. While the company does not look like a scam, it does look like a very small site with not many references around. Giving your money to a broker generally requires some trust, so doing this via the internet can be fairly dangerous.

When you use a broker, you lose control over your money. You are not investing, the broker is. What if the broker is a scammer? What if the broker is bad? We had no way to confirm how trustworthy Bitcoin Cash Grab is. Because of this, it is certainly not a secure option to use this company’s services.

The Bitcoin Cash Grab Verdict

We advise you against using this site. Cryptocurrencies might be a good way to get money but you simply should not automate the whole process and expect the money to fall from the sky. To use small untrustworthy companies that claim that you can get rich is a recipe for disaster. Be a smart investor and look for reputable options instead. Also make sure you tune into the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork happening on May 15, 2018.

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