A new malicious hard fork has appeared on the Bitcoin Cash hard fork. That malicious fork is called “Bitcoin Clashic”. It’s not quite Bitcoin Classic and it’s not Bitcoin Cash. It’s somewhere in between – which is where the name “Bitcoin Clashic” comes from.

The malicious hard fork even has its own official website at At that website, the developers outline their ambitious goals for the currency, including instant transactions, high reliability, no congestion, and scalable technology. Ultimately, the goal is to create the “Best Money in the World” and become the “true” version of bitcoin.

The name “Clashic” is also a reference to the slurred speech of Sean Connery. The Bitcoin Clashic website is accompanied by several pictures of James Bond as played by Sean Connery.

Ultimately, the website makes it look like Bitcoin Clashic is a legitimate cryptocurrency. Most of the website’s information, however, is pulled directly from Bitcoin Cash’s documents. It references “Satoshi’s true vision” for bitcoin, for example, as “peer to peer electronic cash”. It also claims to have been launched on August 1, which means “all Bitcoin holders as of block 478558 are also owners of Bitcoin Clashic.”

About Bitcoin Clashic

One of the first signs that Bitcoin Clashic is a tongue in cheek parody of the community is that there are no wallets, exchanges, or projects listed on the official website. There are sections for each of these things, but there’s no specific services listed anywhere.

The website claims the currency “is represented by a number of different ticket symbols depending on the service or wallet”, although “BCHC is the most popular ticker so far.” Again, we can find no evidence of anyone outside of using the BCHC ticker symbol.

The Bitcoin Clashic website appeared online in November 2017. The Twitter account appears to be actively trolling the community. In one recent tweet, they linked to the original Satoshi whitepaper claiming it was “our whitepaper” because they “stay true to Satoshi’s true vision”.

What’s Really Going On With Bitcoin Clashic?

Bitmain CEO Jihan Wu warned of a block mined under the old protocol after BCH’s rules update on November 13. That was the date BCH appeared to successfully undergo a hard fork to change its difficulty adjustment algorithm.

The hard fork appeared to have gone smoothly – although some malicious actors appeared to have created a hard fork 36 hours after the upgrade. In other words, we now have two versions of Bitcoin Cash – including BCH and this new Bitcoin Clashic chain.

Just two blocks have been mined along the Bitcoin Clashic hardfork chain thus far.

In the meantime, the newly-christened Bitcoin Clashic has initialed an online marketing drive, with a Twitter profile, website, and Github repository mocking the fork.

Bitcoin Clashic announced a pseudo-partnership with Etheruem Classic, for example, stating that “original chains are the best chains” accompanied by the hashtag #nochainsleftbehind.

Bitcoin Clashic Conclusion

Is Bitcoin Clashic an attempt to discredit Bitcoin Cash? Is it a tongue in cheek parody of the Bitcoin community? Is it a behind-the-scenes attempt to manipulate the markets? With all of the crazy action going on in the market today, it’s hard to say. Right now, however, Bitcoin Clashic is a hard fork off the Bitcoin Cash blockchain that’s being promoted by a bunch of trolls online.

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