Block Explorer Review recently made it possible for investors and contributors of their crypto-tokens to search the blockchain for transactions, addresses, and other details within the blocks. The platform already records all the different details about each type of activity within the blockchain, like the date, time, and amount of each transaction. However, with the Block Explorer, anyone can search through the data to discover the activities that are normally encrypted.

This tool offers both a BTC and a BCH toggle switch, along with a search field and most recent transactions in blue, which makes it easy to navigate. There is also an area called the Cash Address Switch, which helps the user to centralize their search criteria. According to CEO Roger Ver, “The new Block Explorer is a robust tool to analyze transactions, blocks, and addresses on both the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Core (BTC) chains.”

With this recent release, it has been confirmed that there will be “more support for the growing ecosystem,” which will continue on with the same protocol. Right now, the system already has plenty of helpful ways for consumers to see exactly where each transaction originates, and even with the transaction is confirmed. However, the user is able to get into specifics as well, like the inputs, outputs, byte size, scripts, and OPcodes of each block on the blockchain.

This is hardly the end of the progress that is planning for the Block Explorer. In fact, there are already many promises for upcoming changes and additional services that the company wants to offer, like the recent release of the Bitcoin Cash Games portal. The company thrives on remaining the pioneer in the cryptocurrency world, which is why they continue to develop new technologies and tools for participants in the crypto world. The Block Explorer is already available to the public, so consumers may want to take this chance and explore yet another addition to the platform. is a company that offers the ability to gain, invest, and trade bitcoin cryptocurrency. Consumers can use one of the applicable wallets via computer or smartphone to add fiat currency and interact with commerce around the world. To get started with a Bitcoin account, visit

For all other questions, consumers can send an email to one of their social media profiles on Facebook or Instagram.

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  1. A crypto-currency would have to have the backing of the financial establishment (such as the World Bank or BIS) to be stable and that would challenge the other major currencies, especially the dollar.

    Bitcoin et al are fools’ gold.


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