CEO Roger Ver Lawsuit Is About Buying BTC Vs BCH Fraud

With an Alexa ranking of 3,771, is one of the most visited cryptocurrency themed site out there. Their popularity makes it all the more surprising that they have been intentionally misleading their viewers. Earlier this week, underwent changes to present Bitcoin Cash as Bitcoin. Most notably the block explorer, which changed from Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to Bitcoin Core (BTC) and Bitcoin (BCH).

These practices hold a major problem for newbies and beginners as when you type “Buy Bitcoin” on google,’s results pop up in the first few results. People not familiar with the difference between BCH and BTC might easily be persuaded into buying the other one.

Now in an attempt to stop in their effort to mislead consumers, there is a lawsuit aining steam in a Telegram group chat created by user @MoneyTrigz, an admin at CoinTimes and co-owner of CoinDaily and has grown to over 600 members in just a couple of days.

MoneyTrigz, however, has made it clear that no one is in charge of this initiative commenting “It’s more of a community movement, cuz that’s what it is. It’s not led by me. I just sparked the flame that’s all.”

MoneyTrigz, along with other group admins, has also stressed that it is not a discussion group, but rather for victims of the deceit to come forward and share their experience. An official website called has also launched today, where people who have lost money from the scheme can submit their evidence and join in on the lawsuit.

What can be achieved from this community effort is yet to be seen, however, many people are not aligned with MoneyTrigz’s ideology. One user questioned the pursuit of legal action saying that “using any government entity in this dispute seems backward,” adding that “ultimately the markets will decide.”

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